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Jan 17th, 2002, 10:45 PM
Hi everyone! I'm a new 'user' and I just wanted to introduce myself! Well I'm a big Jenn fan, and I have been since mid 2000. My fave Jenn moment is one of the Grand Slam victories, both were equally special! I'm also a BIG fan of Marat Safin! :hearts: I've got a Jenn club which i'd love people to join, u are guaranteed a lot of good quality Jenn stuff here!

Jennifer Capriati (http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/jennifercapriati)

Well, see yall soon!

Love JenCap1Fan
*Hoping Jenn will successfully defend HER Aussie Open title!*

Jan 17th, 2002, 11:43 PM

We are all quite nice on the board here. Lindsay Davenport is my fave player but I like Jennifer too and with Lindsay being injured all my support is behind Jen to take the title in Australia and Number 1.