View Full Version : My Minor encounter with a famous person.

Apr 17th, 2003, 09:27 PM
OK, well I am in the orchestra at school. Tuesday we were to play at a gala downtown at the convention center. That same night at the arena next door there was to be A Busta Rhymes 50 cent concert both of the major hotels downtown the Marriot Renaissance and the Westin are right across from the Cox Convention Center where the gala was going to be held. We went to the second floor ballroom where it was going to be and there isa huge glass window that over looks the street and both of the hotels. Well outsid the hotel was this our bus and 4 Mercedes Benz then later a tall black guy with braids comes out with two guys in suits so half of the orchestra runs out onto the balcony of the ballroom and start yelling Busta, Busta an he saw us and waved. Some really preppy looking people were looking at us and wondering what was going on and then Busta walked right past them and they had the dumbest looks on thier face. Well just thought you might enjoy hearing this after all it was unplanned and the fact that we got 20 feet from a major star was nice.

Apr 17th, 2003, 09:55 PM
Oh that is kewl!:D