View Full Version : ITT, an e-mail from a professor apoligizing for nude pic of wife being shown in class

Car Key Boi
Apr 15th, 2003, 09:42 AM
From: Ron Wirick
Sent: April 9, 2003 11:41 AM
To: 653B1105 - 653-1 Inv.Mngmt
Subject: Sincere apologies

Importance: High

Dear all,

It has been brought to my attention that at the end of class today the wallpaper on my computer was projected on to the screen. I am deeply embarrassed by this and want to profoundly apologize to everyone whom this offended. The picture is of my wife, and I was using it as my wallpaper while I was working at home most of the last week. Of course I should have changed it before coming to class, and I had every intention of doing so. I have only had 4-5 hours sleep total over the last three days and am not thinking very clearly, but that is no excuse. Inadvertent though my mistake was, it nonetheless was a serious breech of proprieties. I am very sorry for invading your psychological space. If it is any compensation, I can assure you that it will never happen again.

Thank-you for listening,

Professor Ron Wirick
Ivey School of Business
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario