View Full Version : Serena Williams still has a winning streak going, a big one.

Apr 13th, 2003, 11:17 PM
FO - 7 matches
Wimby - 7 matches
Us Open - 7 matches
AO - 7 matches
Total - 28 matches.

so she is still very much undefeated in the Slams.

Congrats to Justine by the way for the win today, she was very smoothe.
But also, Williams had an off day, that is obvious, she looked like she did not want to be out there, she could have easily kept some more balls in play and took it to three sets, but Justine seemed to get to her and Serena hit as hard as she could...
I think Serena will win the FO. I think that by the FO the ranking will be that Serena and Justine couldn't meet until the finals, but we will see, would be a hell of a match then.

Congrats Justine
Go Serena!