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Car Key Boi
Apr 12th, 2003, 06:33 PM
http://www.cnsnews.com/ViewCulture.asp?Page=\Culture\archive\200304\CUL20 030411b.html

Anti-War Leaders Fear US Fast Food Threat to Iraq

Many Iraqi citizens have taken to the streets in recent days to celebrate their freedom from dictator Saddam Hussein. But that joy could turn to sorrow, anti-war protesters warn, when the Iraqis begin to see their country adopt western cultural values.

Stephanie Schaudel, co-coordinator for Voices in the Wilderness, an anti-war group in Chicago, said the "richness of culture" in Iraq is going to be subjected to Americanization by U.S. corporations during the post-war rebuilding of the war-torn nation. The result, she indicated, would be difficult for Iraqis to swallow.

"Some people would think that seeing a KFC (formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken) on a street corner is a sign of progress, I certainly don't," Schaudel said.

Schaudel sees the destruction from the war as the greatest threat to the Iraqi people, but believes their suffering will continue as America's cultural influence increases.

"You can just look at what those kinds of businesses have done to the diet and health of many Americans to think that it might not be the number one thing we should be exporting," she explained.


Oh the horror!!!

i can see it now! soon the poor Iraqis are going to be longing for the carefree days of midnight arrests, secret-police torture, executions, rape and all the other innocent fun-filled festivities of Saddam's Baath fairyland

pity they are going to lose all that and be forced to face all the nasty choices westerners must suffer with. Yuo know... whether to vote in an election or take a trip to the park. Whether to eat at home or go to a restaurant

How dare we impose our KFC's and Taco Bells on their innocent, childlike innocence :mad:

- Car Key Boi :fiery: