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Apr 11th, 2003, 05:12 PM
4 Names for Things You Didn't Know had Names

1.) Aglet: "The covering on the end of a shoelace"
2.) Phosphenes: "The lights you see when you close your eyes hard"
3.) Kick or Punt: "The indentation at the bottom of wine bottles"
4.) Harp: "The metal hoop that supports a lampshade"

Random Facts

Melcryptovestimentaphiliac- Someone who compulsively steal women's underwear

In Venice, Venitian blinds are called Persian blinds

A hybernating bear can go 6 months without a bathroom break

Estimated value of a single pair of Elvis's underpants: $ 1,300

In Neptune, summer is 40 years long

Ketchup was once sold as medicine

Weird Restaurant Themes

The Outhouse
Winnepeg, Manitoba

Theme: Bathrooms
Details: The entire restaurant was decorated to look like a public restroom- "toilet bowls alternate with the tables in the main dining room. And their logo, a toilet seat, was on all the menus. Shortly after the Grand Opening in the mid 70's, health officials shut it down. The reason: "Not enough working bathrooms".

Alcatraz BC

Theme: Maximum-security prison
Details: Diners are handcuffed, eat in cells, and must beg permission from the guards to be allowed to visit the restroom.

I read it off of Uncle John's miniature book, thought they were pretty interesting. If anyone else has anything to add to it, please do so. :D