View Full Version : do u have high hopes for 2002 ITF Junior Champ Barbora Strycova?

Mar 30th, 2003, 07:47 PM
Barbora, the 2-time Australian Junior Champ.....
she has climbed up to around 200 already
with 2 25K titles.........

usually 25K winner gets a play-in position
in Tier IV/V....sometimes III qualies,
so think the cut off for normal Tier III qualies....

however, she seems to have a hard time following Sveta,
the previous ITF Junior Champ,
who started 2002 around 250.....about where she was,
but the difference was that Sveta got guts,
she never played below 25K events after AO 02,
and wins her 1st title in August.......
and now, she hasnt played anything below Tier II after AO in 03,

while Barbora is still trying to (maybe) gain confidence
by playing 25K events to build up her points......

on more point to remember.......
both Barbora and Sveta never had a big hit
like former ITF Champ Dokic or Lina K
who made QF in Slams at sweet 16......

so what hopes do u have for Barbora?

Mar 30th, 2003, 10:36 PM
she has a lot of talent. she has top 20 talent but i don't know about top 10.

good luck to her. i'm hoping she can reach the top 100 this year and get close to the top 50.