View Full Version : Friday Night Nasdaq report...Yay Jenny!!!!

Mar 29th, 2003, 04:29 AM
I headed out to the park around noon anxiously awaiting my wonderful JenCap's semifinal match with Chanda Rubin. When I got there I immediately went straight to the volunteer tent to see if my Ticket Fairy was working any of the box seats. Unfortunately she was not (I caught up with her during the night session and she had quit volunteering as she was disgusted with the whole strict policy garbage) so I volunteered to work the Jen + Andre matches in order to see them up close. They put me at a gate with an 80 year old woman who told me she was rooting against Jen because of the whole Bombs over Bagdhad misunderstanding. I was like...'don't you be rooting against my Jenny!"

Although I was super nervous about Jen's chances, she came out firing. From the first point till the last, jen played agressive, lovely tennis. I am sure she hit almost twice as many winners as errors. Her forehand and backhand were lethal. It was controlled aggression and she just shut Chanda down right away. It was so great to watch and I was having spring 2001 flashbacks. I just loved this match. What can I say? Did you guys see it on tv? Perhaps you might have a different perspective, but I thought it was good clean power tennis and the best Jen has played in a long, long time. Of course being there in person makes everyting more dramatic and immediate. I feel great about Jen's chances tomorrow against Serena. Jen played Serena better than anyone last year. She had leads in every single match and I have a feeling she is going to go for broke tomorrow. Go jen!

Next up was Andre and Younes. First off I decided I was going to find Steffi in the stands or just crap my pants trying. Low and behold, there Miss Graf was in all her glory sitting in the friends suite on the 200 level.
I went right up to the gate in front of her and got a good look at the lovely Steffi from about 5-10 feet away. She looks great in person. She certainly plays with her hair a lot!!

As for Andre and Younes....What a match. Both guys were serving so well I knew it was going to be a tiebreaker again. First set was thrilling and it went to andre, in yeah, a breaker. Younes got a service break in the second set and that was all it took. Andre steam rolled in the third set 6-1 and I ran for the shuttle home before the night shift. What a great day.

The night sucked. Moya killed Paradorn in about 65 minutes. Not even worth mentioning as it was a total bore (sorry Moya fans!). Then the Bryan brothers blew a second set break in the dubs and I left the stadium. I have no idea who won that match and I am sure no one here cares.

All I know is that I had another great day and I am so excited about tomnorrow. I so want Jen to win!

Give yourself a birthday present Jen and play solid aggressive tennis (and if you get a lead...KEEP IT!!!!).


Mar 29th, 2003, 04:31 AM
oh, sorry no pics. I am not bringing my camera as the volunteers are prohibited from taking pics on duty and I don't want to push it. Such stoopid rules. :mad:

King Aaron
Mar 29th, 2003, 02:18 PM
Thanks Mark. :)

I actually care about Bob and Mike's match. :(