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Jan 14th, 2002, 05:48 PM
-Kim Clijsters was practicing with Jennifer Capriati.

-Justine Henin is convinced she will beat Anna but she knows she'll have to be focused.

-Anna Kournikova didn't give an interview to Belgian TV because they hadn't asked for permission 4 months in advance. lol
She went to the practice court surrounded by bodyguards.

-Xavier Malisse held an autograph session which, so it seemed, was only accessible for girls and women. ;)

-Serena Williams was disappointed that she couldn't play but she will definitely play in Antwerp. She's looking forward to playing in Belgium as she's never been here before and she heard it's a great place. (READ : Antwerp, city of diamonds ;))

-Andre Agassi fears for his career with this new injury.

More news tomorrow.:wavey:

The Crow
Jan 14th, 2002, 05:54 PM

Jan 14th, 2002, 08:33 PM

I'm glad Serena is still planning to come to Antwerp.

Jan 15th, 2002, 03:25 AM
Anna's so funny. :D

Martian KC
Jan 15th, 2002, 03:55 AM
OMG! Anna! 4 months?!?!?!:eek: I guess I'll have to wait for 4 months for you to kiss me.;)

Jan 16th, 2002, 12:09 PM

:sad:@andre..I hope it's not the end of his carreer..he's one of the only men I like to watch playing.

Jan 17th, 2002, 06:12 PM
Not sure about the 4mths for the interview..

But Kim was Practising with Jen on Monday.. I saw them, I also have some pics of them together.. but once again the file is greater than what is allowed on here :(..

As for the body guards for Anna.. It is actually just security.. All of the well known players have a number of people around them to escourt them to and from the practise courts..
However Anna may have a few more than other players, for obvious reasons..

BTW I also have some Pics from Kim's practice today, aswell as practice with Jen on Monday..so if you want them just send your email address to me in a PM and I will send them to you.. as soon as possble..may take a few days..as I am still at the tennis..