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Jan 14th, 2002, 05:36 PM
<b>Anabel/Maria Jose vs McQuillan/McShea</b>
Pretty tough draw for anabel & Mj. They could meet lisa & rennae in 3rd round

<b>Virginia/Paola vs Augustus/Embry</b>
Who the hell are those 2?? lol Anyway, Virginia now will concentrate on doubles. She has quite an easy draw till the 4th round:)

<b>Arantxa/Hantuchova vs Pisnik/Myskina </b>
If thigs go well (let's hope) they are supposed to face kim/ai in 3rd round :o

<b>Bes/Nemeckova vs Testud/Vinci</b>
Very tough match fro Eva & company :(

<b>Marta/Cristina vs Barclay/Wheeler</b>
Hey! What a surprise! I like this doubles team! However the will probably face testud/vinci in 2nd round

<b>Conchita/Magüi vs Nagyova/Tulyaganova</b>
OMG LOL! Who could have predicted such a team! Unfortunately they have very tough rivals in 1st round :o Let's hope they can make it to the 3rd round, where they'll probably face Black/Likho :o

Jan 14th, 2002, 05:45 PM
Well, I know our guys suck on doubles, but I'll post their 1st round matches too :)

<b>Benfele Alvarez/Portas vs MacPhie/Zimonjic</b>
?¿ I never herad about Macphie & Zimonjic but they are seeded 12!

<b>Tommy/Balcells vs Bertolini/Brandi</b>
OMG! I love this team! Tommy is a great player and Juan is an excellent doubles player! They can achieve great thigs! :D :D

<b>Corretja/Moya vs Carrasco/Moron</b>
OMG AGAIN! What a pair! Alex & Carlos playing together. this is amazing. But pfffff, there are very few spaniards in doubles and they face carrasco & moron :(

<b>Costa/Martin vs Olhovskiy/Shimada</b>
Good team too! Vamos Albert & Alberto!

That's all lol

Jan 14th, 2002, 06:31 PM
What a hard rivals for Marta & Cristina :( They defeated Anabel & Mariajo last week when they reached the final at Hobart...

I love to see Conchita & Magui playing together :kiss: :kiss: ¡¡Vamos!!

Good luck to Eva Arantxa & Vivi :D

and of course... Lets win the Open Mariajo & Anabel!! :bounce: :confused:

Jan 14th, 2002, 06:33 PM
Ups lol i forgot to wish luck to the men :o

OMG Alex & Carlos wow i hope thay can make a good results...umm maybe they are trying a future Davis Cup team ;)

I can say the same about Tommy & Balcells team, this looks a very Davis Cup decision

Anyway good luck both teams and also good luck for the rest of spaniards, ¡¡Vamos!! :)