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Mar 19th, 2003, 10:29 AM
Does anyone else subscribe to TA's e-newsletter? For those that don't there was some interesting info in this weeks issue on players like Breadmore and Grahame.

Here is a snippet

Australian University Scholarships have been awarded to Lauren Breadmore and Amanda Grahame in 2003. Breadmore, whose ranking rose from nought to 298 in 12 months, will study part-time Commerce/Law at Melbourne University. In order to get into this course, she needed outstanding VCE results and achieved a VCE Enter Score of 99.1. Breadmore was one of six Duxes at Wesley College in Melbourne. Grahame, who is currently injured, is continuing her Bachelor of Applied (Medical Imaging) studies at Charles Sturt University.

Aussie Mentoring Program: Mentors are currently being finalised for the Aussie Partners for Success Mentor Program. New players to join the program this year are Adriana Szili, Tiffany Welford, Casey Dellacqua and Darya Ivanov. In 2002, Samantha Stosur was paired with Jane Taylor, Christina Wheeler with Louise Field and Christina Horiatopoulos also with Louise Field. New mentors include Kristine Kunce, Ann Minter and Janine Tremelling (Thompson).

The following players received Ranking Improvement Awards in 2002: Byranne Stewart (No.181 to No.135) $4000 Award; Cindy Watson (No.206 to No.131)$4000; Mireille Dittmann (No.213 to No.197) $3000; Jenny Belobrajdic (No.357 to No.300) $2000; Beti Sekulovski (No.333 to No.273) $2000; Nicole Sewell (No.585 to No.380); Christina Horiatopoulos (0 to No.329) $1000.

Nice to see some of the girls getting rewarded with cash ;) A pity Bryanne's tennis is going down the gurgler, Jenny has (reportedly) retired, and Christina is injured (again). If Sewell got an award, I think both Breadmore and Roberts should have also!
Also, good to hear Amanda Grahame has not retired, as I thought she had given up after she went AWOL after Oz Open.

p.s - for louloubelle...interesting to see Christina Wheeler get paired up with Louise Field re the mentor thingy...wasn't Louise Field travelling with Nicole Pratt as a physical trainer recently? ;) :p

Mar 19th, 2003, 11:51 AM
TS you need to crack the top 400 to get an award. Deanna is still yet to do that and Breadmore I dont think had cracked the top 400 by the end of last year!

Glad Mireille got one even if she was only in the top 200 for 3 weeks, just shows you how that extra point can make the difference, in this case $3000 difference!

Thats great news about Amanda Grahame, I didnt think she was gonna retire as her results/form had picked up a bit, it was Bryanne who I thought was gonna retire! Hope Amanda can get back playing soon, wonder what her injury is!

I saw Kristine Kunce at the Aust Open, she was looking like she was expecting triplets any minute :eek:

And yes Nicole Pratt employs Louise Field from time to time especially on the Asian trips. Obviously Wheeler though isnt needing to use Field that much as she got Pratty to look after her. Thats obviously why they gave another player to Louise to mentor hehehe

Thanks for posting the news TS :D

Mar 21st, 2003, 11:11 AM
TS - you know what they say about two company and three's a f@$%^*g lot of fun :D Louise looked pretty stunning the last time I saw... and with Christina, Nic scores the chicks quite well!

Great to see my favorite ever Aussie tennis player, Anne Minter helping out. Was a very hardworker and disciplined player and will have something to offer.

I was going to post in the 'ones that didn't make it' thread about Janine Thompson. She had stacks of talent, but knee, elbow, shoulder troubles eventually ended her career.

Any news about Christina H??? Still injured???