View Full Version : Maggie Maleeva vs. Ai Sugiyama Predictions

Mar 8th, 2003, 10:40 AM
Go Maggie :D

:hearts: WIN THIS :hearts:

Mar 8th, 2003, 10:48 AM
As much as I like Maggie - and that is sometimes even more than Ai - these times I vote for the Japanese Supergirl. She's pumped up now with her winnings in Scottsdale (three on one Sunday...). And she has still the power to battle Maggie down.
It gets tough but Ai wins this: 6-3 2-6 6-2

Mar 8th, 2003, 10:49 AM
:bounce: Hang in, girls !!!! :bounce:

Mar 8th, 2003, 12:27 PM
I don`t know :( I like both !!!

Mar 8th, 2003, 12:35 PM
I'd have to give my support to Ai on this one! :)

Mar 8th, 2003, 07:30 PM
if Ai can outplay Kim on hardcourt and
save 3 mp's from Steve to beat her.......
hey, who is Maggie to stop her,
this is not indoors u know.....

Mar 9th, 2003, 03:44 AM
Ai is on fire now.she will down maggie in 2 sets in think, or 3 sets if she tired... :worship: :worship: :worship:

gooo for Ai... :hearts: :hearts: :bounce: :bounce:

Mateo Mathieu
Mar 9th, 2003, 04:25 AM
Ai will win, unfortunately :sad: If they play at Indoors and Magdalena will win for sure!

Mar 9th, 2003, 04:23 PM
bump :drool:

Mar 9th, 2003, 04:38 PM
I see Ai winning in three sets :)