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Mar 6th, 2003, 02:10 PM
What seeds does everyone think are most likely to go out in the 2nd round? Here's what I think (refer back here in 2 days' time to see how wildly inaccurate I was!) ;)

(1) Clijsters v Zuluaga - Kim should cruise this one

Golovin v (31) Schiavone - don't know much about Tatiana, but Francesca has been playing well recently - she should get through here

(17) Farina Elia v Jidkova - Alina had a good first round win, she should be pretty confident - but I think Silvia will win, though she may need 3 sets to do it

Koulikovskaya v (15) Dechy - Nat in 2

(10) Maleeva v Cohen Aloro - Stephanie's improving all the time, but I think Maggie will prove a bridge too far for her

Schaul v (21) Sugiyama - Ai's confidence must be at an all-time high after Scottsdale, I expect her to win here if she's fully recovered from Sunday

(32) Husarova v Kostanic - can't see Jelena winning against Janette

Bartoli v (8) Rubin - interesting one, I was surprised at the manner of Chanda's defeat to Granville last week and Bartoli will be well up for this after coming through qualifying. Chanda will be pushed but she should get through

(3) Hantuchova v Mandula - all the pressure is on Dani to perform here, and this is a potential banana skin for her - however I expect her to make a good start to her title defence

Callens v (27) Srebotnik - could go either way and I wouldn't be surprised to see Els win

(18) Raymond v Talaja - Lisa should recover from last week's blip to go through against Silvija

Koukalova v (16) Coetzer - Klara gave Amanda her toughest match last week in Acapulco but I think Amanda will have it easier this time round.

(11) Pistolesi v Black - Cara is playing well at the moment, I think she has a decent chance here

Gagliardi v (19) Panova - Tatiana's recent form has been awful and Emmanuelle has a load of points to defend, so I have to go for her

(26) Martinez v Razzano - both in pretty good form, I'll back Virginie to cause an upset though

Rittner v (6) Dokic - Jelena has a good draw and I think she could kick start her season here, Barbara shouldn't give her too many problems

(5) Mauresmo v Casanova - don't know how fit Amelie is, Myriam will be a tough opponent for her though. Amelie in 3

Asagoe v (29) Tanasugarn - tough one to call, I'll flip a coin...heads - Shinobu will win

(24) Fernandez v Serna - has upset written all over it, so it probably won't happen. Well it might, I'll go for Magui here

Widjaja v (9) Schnyder - this would be a big win for Angie if she could get it and she does have a good shot. But if Patty is back to full fitness she should make it through

(13) Bovina v Cho - Elena had a poor loss last week but I'll back her to recover here

Reeves v (20) Suarez - Samantha will have the crowd behind her and I think that'll inspire her to win

(25) Likhovtseva v Tu - Elena had a good result a few weeks back in Doha and I think she'll carry on that good form

Bedanova v (4) Davenport - Daja finally got a win under her belt but her run will end here. Lindsay will have a point to prove after losing to Ai last week

(7) Myskina v Kuznetsova - Sveta has a good shot at an upset if she can control her tennis, but Anastasia will probably prove too solid

Zvonareva v (28) Majoli - Iva has to get a win sooner or later but this'll be a tough one for her. I reckon she could pull it out in 3

(23) Shaughnessy v Pennetta - Meghann's had a very good start to the year and she should carry it on by winning in 2

Foretz v (12) Daniilidou - Eleni will have too much firepower for Stephanie and win in 2

(14) Dementieva v Benesova - you never know with Elena, but she likes American hardcourts so I'll back her

Ruano Pascual v (22) Stevenson - 2 weeks ago I'd have put my house on Virginia to win, but Alex seems to have got her act together and had a good result at Scottsdale. But something tells me she could lose here, don't know why!

(30) Granville v Chladkova - Laura's improved so much over the last year and Denisa's only just come back on the tour after a couple of months off so I have to pick Laura to win

An Serra Zanetti v (2) Capriati - Jenn will win comfortably here, she looked good in Dubai and Antonella has nothing that will really trouble her

Mar 6th, 2003, 02:59 PM
i'm too bored now, so i'll also post my predictions:

(1) Clijsters v Zuluaga - should be an easy one for kim

Golovin v (31) Schiavone -if my memory serves me right, schiavone has not been playing that bad, so i'll go for her

(17) Farina Elia v Jidkova - has a slight upset potential, but silvia should pull through

Koulikovskaya v (15) Dechy - dechy through

(10) Maleeva v Cohen Aloro - stephanie had a good 1st round win, has a huge chance if she keeps her confidence up

Schaul v (21) Sugiyama - Ai is riding on a high, so i'll go for her

(32) Husarova v Kostanic - husarova hasn't been playing that well, but i think she will still win this

Bartoli v (8) Rubin - bartoli is forever improving, but chanda should be too tough for her to handle at the moment

(3) Hantuchova v Mandula - a good way for dani to start her title defense

Callens v (27) Srebotnik - it's hard to predict. both with equal chances

(18) Raymond v Talaja - on american hardcoruts, raymond should take this

Koukalova v (16) Coetzer - coetzer will too, be riding on last week's success

(11) Pistolesi v Black - i can;t really predict this, but cara has been getting back on track recently

Gagliardi v (19) Panova - again, hard to say, but i'm going to go with tatiana

(26) Martinez v Razzano - i'm going for virginie

Rittner v (6) Dokic - jelena has been having an awful season, and barbara has slayed some huge names before. wouldn't be surprised if this is an upset

(5) Mauresmo v Casanova - momo's injury is a factor, and myriam is a tough opponent. however, i still think momo should get through

Asagoe v (29) Tanasugarn - hard, but i'll go with tammy

(24) Fernandez v Serna - fernandez hasn;t really done anything since FO, so my pick is serna

Widjaja v (9) Schnyder - patty

(13) Bovina v Cho - cho is solid, but bovina should be better at this moment

Reeves v (20) Suarez - this isn't clay, and reeves had a good 1st round win, so i'm going with her

(25) Likhovtseva v Tu -elena, as she seems back on track

Bedanova v (4) Davenport - daja's been in a slump and lindsay would want to start off this tourney well

(7) Myskina v Kuznetsova - a delicious all russian matchup, but i'm going with the higher ranked one

Zvonareva v (28) Majoli - vera hasn't been the same since USO, so i'm going for iva
(23) Shaughnessy v Pennetta - meghann has been hot this year

Foretz v (12) Daniilidou - eleni

(14) Dementieva v Benesova - elena's a problematic case, but she seems to like american hardcourts like IW< miami, USO

Ruano Pascual v (22) Stevenson - alex played well last week, hope she can keep it going

(30) Granville v Chladkova - laura has been improving tremendously

An Serra Zanetti v (2) Capriati - was impressed with Jcap in dubai and hope she will continue her form

Mar 6th, 2003, 03:20 PM
(1) Kim Clijsters vs Fabiola Zuluaga

Clijsters should win this one.. but Zuluaga may gave her a pretty good fight in the first set..

Tatiana Golovin v (31)Francesca Schiavone

Schiavone had done a quite good job so far for this season.. but dun look down to the French upcoming stars.. I will not be surprised if she beat her.. but this time, Schiavone should in in 2

(17) Farina Elia v Jidkova
Nope, Farina Should get through to the second round...

Koulikovskaya v (15) Dechy
Dechy is the dark horse to win the tourney.. so i would say dechy will win this one

(10) Maleeva v Cohen Aloro
Cohen is a great player.. i believe she should win.. so this should be the first upset...

Schaul v (21) Sugiyama
Again, Schaul is another young newcomer.. she should give ai's a scare in her run.. but.. i believe that ai will win..

(32) Husarova v Kostanic
Husarovai n 2... Kostanic had not been doing well this season.. she just won like 2 matches i guess... so..

Bartoli v (8) Rubin
Rubin should win though many think that Bartoli will make upset.. but Rubin will not give in...

(3) Hantuchova v Mandula
I dun see Mandula can beat Dani.. so Dani in 2

Callens v (27) Srebotnik
Els should win this one.. So UPSET

(18) Raymond v Talaja
Talaja is another player that has not been doing well.. So Raymond will win

Koukalova v (16) Coetzer
Seeing her recent performance, Coetzer should not have any problem

(11) Pistolesi v Black
Pistolesi is still too strong for Black.. nope.. no upset

Gagliardi v (19) Panova
This could be an upset for Gagliardi, she must win this one to boast her confidence

(26) Martinez v Razzano
Razzano should not be a problem for Martinez
So Martinez in 2

Rittner v (6) Dokic
So long Dokic did not choke in the first set. she should win...

(5) Mauresmo v Casanova
No .. Mauresmo should get through this round...

Asagoe v (29) Tanasugarn
Tough choice. both are asians. both are my favs.. so it could go either win.. but i'd give tammy the edge

(24) Fernandez v Serna
Fernandez will win in 3

Widjaja v (9) Schnyder
again, tough choice.. Angie can win if she is in her full form...

(13) Bovina v Cho
cho is the biggest threat for Bovina to reach quarter.. so.. i would think that cho can win

Reeves v (20) Suarez
I want Reeves to win... so.. yes

(25) Likhovtseva v Tu
Tu can win but Elena had a pretty good performance lately.. so yes,, an upset

Bedanova v (4) Davenport
Lindsay in 2

(7) Myskina v Kuznetsova
Sveta can win this... She should..

Zvonareva v (28) Majoli
I like Majoli, but i can't forgive her for beating my ashley in us.. so i 'm hoping vera could beat her ass.. lol

(23) Shaughnessy v Pennetta
Meghann has been my fav.. so she should win

Foretz v (12) Daniilidou
No comment...

Mar 6th, 2003, 03:24 PM
Foretz will win :) Trust me ;)

Mar 6th, 2003, 03:51 PM
(13) Bovina vs. Cho - As much as I hate to say it... Cho has a great chance here. Lena will definitely have to step up her play, be more consistent and not do her usual 1+ set of errors to get through this. Lena should win this match... but as all Lena followers know, you never know what you'll get with her.

(17) Farina vs. Jidkova - I adore Alina... but Silvia is just a better player in every way. Silvia in 2.

(27) Srebotnik vs. Callens - Kat gets no respect. :( Neither one has been doing well of late, but I think Kat is more talented.

Reeves vs. (20) Suarez - Paola only wins on clay... Reeves playing at home... optimal ingredients for upset here.

Serna vs. (24) Clarisa - Serna's a better player...

Vera vs. (28) Iva - Both have them have been awful lately, but I think Vera is the better player at this time.

Mar 6th, 2003, 04:05 PM
Foretz will win :) Trust me ;)
Eleni will win in 2 easy sets ;)

Hope Serna can make a upset. :)

Mar 6th, 2003, 04:15 PM
the only upset I see will be Angie beating Schnyder....

and i think Foretz has a chance to beat Danilidou if she played agressive like she did at last year's US open against stevenson...

mandula may upset hantuchova... i kind of sense that....

els callens will beat srebotnik.... it's her time to do well again since her incredible fight against serena at wimby last year...