View Full Version : why don't molik, stosur, wheeler and all the others have forums/threads?

Mar 4th, 2003, 10:31 PM
to me it is more interesting following molik and stosur because they have both showed signs that they can be top 30 players.

anyway, we should have more than 2 forums.

Mar 5th, 2003, 03:52 AM
It's only because no-one volunteered to make any for them...not that they have been forgotten :p To make a player forum you had to volunteer to maintain a website for that player as well. Don't know if that still is the case however. Anyway, SM chose Evie and AlexSydney chose Rachel cos they are their fave players.

It doesn't really worry me who has a forum and who doesnt, as long as their is a place like this to talk about all of them :)

Mar 5th, 2003, 08:48 AM
yeah I like the changes.... just the one forum and you can talk about any Aussie you like.

But if anyone decides to make a Nicole Pratt forum then they may as well combine hers with Christina Wheeler. :p

Mar 6th, 2003, 06:00 AM

"Pratts 18 Wheeler?" :o :p

Mar 6th, 2003, 11:46 AM
*cough* whilst choking on my coffee :eek:

Now you have taken me to a very bad visual place :o :p