View Full Version : URGENT - help needed - new venus/serena site

Mar 3rd, 2003, 06:35 PM
hi everyone
im building a very large site based on female tennis stars with large sections on each of my favorites including venus. im trying to find every picture and video ive encountered to put on the site since i have a huge bandwidth limit and also this is part of the coursework on a womens studies course im doing
i need some pics that i remember clearly having seen on the net and in magazines and would appreciate if someone could get them for me. if you can find them at ellienov@yahoo.com. as an enticement i have a spare venus williams tennis ball that she used at wimbledon and that comes with a certificate of authenticity and an autographed holder, that i got as a present (i already have a ball and autographed pic of her with me or i wouldnt give this one away). the pic descriptions follow:
1) a pic of venus in dubai recently coming out of a car
2) a pic of venus carrying her sister (or it mightve been the other way around, i dont remember exactly)
3) a pic of steffi graf accepting her last grand slam award
4) a pic of anna kournikova at the moscow registrars with her ex husband from the detroit lions
5) a pic of anna kournikova being carried by an unknown girl (i think it may have been one of her doubles partners)
6) the Time cover pic of the williams sisters
7) a pic of martina hingis at the Swiss HIV foundation fundraiser
8) martina hingis being carried by unknown girl (by the way these pics of the stars being carried are i think from the same article/programme and as far as i remember it was about female athletic strength...the carrying pics being some sort of visual indication of their strength i guess)
the ball goes to whoever finds all the above pics. however if you can find me one or more of the above pics, do let me know and whoever gets me the most pics gets it if it turns out no one can get them all. My site has to go up in 2 weeks so thats how long this stands. You might be wondering why i want these pics - well im a perfectionist and i think the site im putting up literally has every pic of the stars im focusing on up on them and every video i could find on the net. i would like it to be complete. Also want an A on the course.
And once the site's up i'll post the link....hope everyone will visit....i really think it'll be one of if not THE biggest fan's tennis site ever