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Feb 23rd, 2003, 10:36 PM
This article was posted in Eleni group.I post it here so you can all read it.


'Sisters deserve status'
By Moni Mathews

19 February 2003

DUBAI - Thessaloniki, Greece resident, Eleni Daniilidou, promised a
lot in terms of sheer talent when she won the Al Habtoor Challenger
title in Dubai two years back.

Stronger, more stylish and an aggressive player by nature, the big
made Greek with a boy like walk sounds confident, modest and
forthright when it comes to talking.

"I played well today (against Selima Sfar of Tunisia), but I have a
lot more to go especially in my serve. I began the year well but
that does not mean it can end that way," the 21-year-old said at the
post match Press conference yesterday.
On a career high 18 before coming to Dubai this time from an
obscure 320 in 2000, and an 84, a year later, Eleni could be a Greek
medal prospect by the time Olympics returns to her homeland.

On the Williams sisters' status today, she said, "At the moment
there is no one near to match them. Their serves and physical
fitness are difficult to match. But we can all improve and will one
day overcome them. They deserve their place because they are so

Eleni started playing tennis at 9.

"We were lucky to be living near a sports club back home. I love
all sports and was playing soccer and basketball quite often. One
day the tennis coach asked me if I would be interested in switching
over which I did, and won a local event a week after," Eleni said.

On being one of the few in the pro-tennis world execute the stylish
single handed back hand like in the old days and as Martina
Navratilova does, she said, "I have been brought up attack from
start, yes, a single handed back hand does give one an advantage
with a better balance for the return."

"With a little bit of luck, lots of hard work and good form I
should break into the top 10 but one never can never say anything
definite as the top 200 are more or less of the same standard,"
Eleni added.

"For this I have to consistently keep playing abroad as the sports
build-up and opportunity in Greece are not good for young talent. My
coach has been most helpful here and has guided me well"

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