View Full Version : to all you pro war people/"wartards"/"warniks"....

Feb 19th, 2003, 01:36 AM
my message for those who are "pro-war" (a.k.a. "wartards")
If you honestly feel that iraq is an iminant threat to the peace of your nation etc and want to "kick their asses" or take their oil how ever you may justify it to yourself then enough of this talk.if you can talk the talk its time for YOU to walk the walk,haul your arsses away from this computer screen and inlist in the us military for a role in iraq and go fight for somthing you apparantly believe in instead of sending thousands of your compatriots to die and them to bring death upon thousands of innocents.grow some balls and D.I.Y .if you believe that a war at "this time" is moral and just then let it personally be you who partakes in it and on it be your concience......otherwise,well your either just being an idiot for arguments sake or have compleate lack of moral values and have no place in this world or your a pussy/coward/wuss/copout etc.

If you believe a war on iraq now with no real basis and no morality what so ever is right go and fight it insead of talking like testostorone filled morons.

(any pro war posters in the military,sorry,then i may not agree with your choice/beliefs but i respect you for fighting for what you believe in,its not gonna be me carrying war guilt and horrid mental seens around with me until i die-war's not fun and games like it is on the big screen actual people like you and i,on all sides have their lives,all that they have acheived in their lives extinguished forever,ofen without even a say in the matter.)

im sorry, but im sick of ppl going on about how much they support this kind of war,it really makes me question humanity.