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Feb 18th, 2003, 09:41 AM
I've not bought many bad games, but I do have to say there is only one game that I have bought which I took back to the shop...

Reading a review in "Digital Culture" (back of the Observer TV bit) for the game "TOCA Race Driver" on PS2, the reviewer was basically going on about this game as though it was groundbreaking...

TOCA Race Driver basically takes Codemasters successful Touring Car series and adds a whole new dimension to the genre.... a racing game with a plot.

The game starts off with some old footage of an NASCAR race that ends tragically and somewhat suspiciously when a bloke gets deliberately blindsided after winning a fiercely contested race. The camera moves in on two boys, the sons of the dead driver (cos the car emphatically explodes after rolling over about 8 times).... and hey, one of those boys is the character you're going to be in the game. The other is his older brother, who you live in the shadow of because of his track success, and you hope to emulate him, and of course, beat the man who supposedly killed your father to avenge his death.

The plot also contains a love twist... and I know what you are thinking "God, this sounds like an awful plot". It is. God awful voice acting (a game made in Britain yet full of american accents) and dodgy animation in cut scenes add to it... then there's the gameplay.

Now most racing games have now dealt with the problem that riddled PS One drive-em-ups, the dreaded "pop-up", where scenery literally springs out of nowhere on the horizon. TOCA Race Driver puts you back to those days with some quite horrendous pop-up, it's almost as annoying as pop-up windows you get on the net. Add to this the fact races are only a few laps long and there's no qualifying, your grid position is pre-determined.

It also boasts of its brilliant realism in pack racing. What I found was is you could just simply barge your way to the front regardless. Now I like touring car games cos argy-bargy between cars doesn't matter, but if you just smashed everyone off the track willy nilly, you'd get black flagged. On this game that doesn't happen. The handling is nigh impossible, but it's actually easy to win races. The car AI seems quite impressive at first but after a few games you realise it's flawed like most of the game.

It could have been a good idea, and I felt a fool for not renting it first... I bought it on the advice of an over-exuberant review, I beleived the hype... silly me.

I took the game back the following day....

King Satan
Feb 18th, 2003, 09:59 AM
I very rarely buy cheap games. For some reason i always pic good ones, but the worst i've ever bought was... *looking through games* sorry i can't remember :p

Feb 18th, 2003, 10:01 AM
Nah this was a brand new one... 40... I got the money back tho. It's called "Pro Race Driver" abroad and I suggest anyone doesn't touch it, even with the customary barge pole.