View Full Version : Taboo!

Feb 17th, 2003, 01:55 AM
Has anyone ever watched this new show on TNN? I mean the game is OC (off the chain), and the show is hilarious, but let me tell you, they were doing "famous people" and the name they had to figure out was Anna Kournikova, so the gurl starts off, famous tennis player, everyone hollars VENUS WILLIAMS, that isn't the rite answer, so the gurl says, she's pretty and gets a lot of press and tabloid, so they yell out SERENA WILLIAMS, then the gurl goes on this tantrum, she sucks, she acts like a hoe, she has long nasty blond hair, she is russian, i mean the gurl went all out, it was so funnie, and then the gurl finally yeld her name out, she messed up the "Kournikova" part bad, but they gave it to her anyway. But man, i don't know how she is considered over in Europe, but here in the states, this is really how she is discrbied on a daily basis to me. Also shows that the sisters have always been popular, and are reaching out to even more people. But it was just so funnie, bad for Anna but it really was funnie!! I was on da flo ballin yall! :bounce: