View Full Version : Why wasn't Serena Considered A Prodigy?

Feb 10th, 2003, 09:14 PM
Is it just me, or was Venus only mentioned as the prodigy and she just had a sister who played tennis too. Serena was always the footnote. What gives?

Was Venus that much better?

Feb 10th, 2003, 09:21 PM
I was under the impression that Serena barely played any juniors because their parents decided it wasn't a good idea after Venus had played a bit, and therefore Serena never really started juniors. If that's correct, by the time she started at 16 or 17 or whatever, Hingis was already a multiple grand slam winner at roughly the same age and the "prodigy" label seemed a bit inappropriate.

I'm no "Williams historian" though so I could be completely wrong. I do remember their father saying he though Serena was the more talented of the two.

Feb 10th, 2003, 09:23 PM
Richard did say if you think Venus is good, wait until you see Serena.

Feb 10th, 2003, 09:26 PM
hmm well Richard just said that Venus is the more talented one and she'll rise above her sister again!

He needs to make up his mind! :p

Feb 10th, 2003, 09:27 PM
I think Richard is feeling a little guilty. ;)

Feb 10th, 2003, 09:35 PM
or hes only speeking the TRUTH! :p

Feb 10th, 2003, 09:41 PM
VENUS was 60 and 0 as a junior, much taller and much further in tennis skills than SERENA until VENUS was about 17.
SERENA did not have as many junior wins as VENUS, but I believed she was only beaten by big sis in her matches the few times that they played.

Feb 10th, 2003, 09:43 PM
Serena was something like 42 and 3. :cool:

Feb 10th, 2003, 09:45 PM
:eek: Venus was 60-0? I didn't think she played that many junior matches. Did she win any junior slam matches?

Feb 10th, 2003, 09:47 PM
i think she was 66-0 to be exact
i dunno if she palyed Junior slams, but prolly

Venus Forever
Feb 10th, 2003, 10:08 PM
I don't believe either of the them played the slams.

This is the California Junior Circuit keep in mind, and this was way back when Venus was 10-12 range.

Blogger Dives
Feb 10th, 2003, 10:49 PM
If they would have won any Junior Slams you would have heard about it, so I don't think they played a single one.

And if they only played the California Juniors then their records are not that outstanding as it's just one states players. Not the entire US or even World Juniors :o

Venus Forever
Feb 10th, 2003, 10:53 PM
It ay have been just the California circuit, but there were many players that played there that are in the top 100 now. Players such as Stevenson and Irvin.

And besides, 66-0 is remarkable no matter how you look at it.

Blogger Dives
Feb 10th, 2003, 10:55 PM
True, but to gain the national coverage needed to be a big time prodigy she needed to play more national junior events. Such as the slams, that's major media coverage for juniors. I do remember way back when Hingis was breaking onto the scene in 1994... There being something about Venus in Tennis Match magazine, but nothing mentioned about Serena.

Venus Forever
Feb 10th, 2003, 11:32 PM
I think Venus received more attention because she was the elder of the two and would be the first one on the scene. Plus, the older sibling normally is the better of the remaning siblings, and they just probably wanted to see how she played first before judging Serena.

Well, Serena was under-looked and look what happened.

Feb 11th, 2003, 02:47 AM
Perhaps she wasn't considered a prodigy because of her size. She didn't beat stronger players like Martina did, or like Monica did when she was 15. However, as a 17 year old US Open winner, she clearly was a prodigy.

Feb 11th, 2003, 04:41 AM
Originally posted by selesfan
I think Richard is feeling a little guilty. ;)

Selesfan, after all that has transpired, you mean that you still have not learned that it's not wise to second guess Richard?:D

The man's skill as a prognosticator speaks for itself.:)

Feb 11th, 2003, 05:13 AM
I think many tennis insiders did not take Serena seriously in the beginning. She was notorious for the comment she made - "I'm too good for juniors."

And then she proceeded to lose her debut WTA match in Quebec City in 1995, going down to Annie Miller 6-1 6-1. Initially I think many people did not expect much from Serena, Richard's declarations notwithstanding.

But she's sure shown them, hasn't she? :)

Feb 11th, 2003, 05:43 AM
Venus & Serena were both raised to be champtions. They are only a year apart. They went to the same Tennis acadamy, & trained together. People like o talk about Venus as though she's so much older than Serena & her training was different, like Kim & her sister. Not so! Read some of the things Richard & Brandy say about V&S. They were joined at the hip growing up. The tennis I think, made them closer. Go back & read some of Venus interviews. She always talked about her sister. When anyone asked her who was her main competitor was, she always said Serena. Even though Hingis & Davenport was beating her a lot at that time. They both expected each other to be great, & they've been saying it for years.
Venus said everything she knew her sister knew, & that Serena was very, very fast. Venus & Serena are working as a unit. They support & encourage each other to do their best. I also have an interview with Serena saying, she & her sister plan to take over the WTA. The takeover has started. Don't get mad, she was very young when she said it.

Feb 11th, 2003, 06:16 AM
maybe they found the idea of two williams sisters at the top to much so they only hyped Venus;)

It didn't hurt Serena's career. did it? ;)

Feb 11th, 2003, 06:43 AM
I think VENUS was 63-0 in the juniors.

Cali and florida are the strongest states for juniors, so if you dominate there, you are pretty damn good.
Secondly, VENUS was ineligible to play juniors after age 12 because she had already signed a 5 year 12 million dollare pro deal with Reebok.

Serena was consequently pulled out of junior competition in order to prepare her for the pro tour with big sis.