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Feb 10th, 2003, 12:01 AM
I don't know if this movie has already been discussed, I went to see the movie last night and was blown away. Moore raises alot of important issues, alot of which has been ignored or put to the side with Bush's preoccupation with war on Iraq, I just anted to know what everyone else thought of this movie and the issues that it raised.

Sam L
Feb 10th, 2003, 12:09 AM
Some friends of mine have seen it, I decided to skip it. It's about the high school shootings in America, isn't it?

Let me guess what the issues are America's social problems and gun control issues, and problems with children etc..?

Bush and Howard are so preoccupied with the war that I think they've forgotten that they run countries and have forgotten their countries' real problems.

Feb 10th, 2003, 02:54 AM
Weeeeeeeird...I saw it today.

I thought he brought up some very interesting points from out of nowhere. I didn't expect him to pin a lot of the blame on racism. I think that's a very valid reason.

That movie was so depressing, LOL. The rest of the theater was laughing and I was sitting by my friends, shaking my head in amazement. I definitely did not grow up in that America, I'm not exposed to it now, I avoid it at all costs.

Feb 10th, 2003, 03:04 AM
Hurley, I laughed at some points and at others I was just too shocked at what people were saying to even laugh.

The racism issue I hadn't thought about in this context but it did make sense, he really bought home the FEAR factor in Amercian Society, but IMHO he shouldn't have focused also on the so-called American Dream ideals, but it was very interesting and also its reaching the masses.

Feb 10th, 2003, 03:38 AM
The little animated history of America was quite cute, I thought...

It is shocking that the US is similar to many other countries and yet we are the only ones with a hysterically huge amount of murders via firearm. It has to be fear, or actually paranoia. What else could it be? Moore really didn't come up with a conclusive answer, but he was leaning towards that, and I agree. Charlton Heston spoke twice about "protecting freedom." Paranoia. The Michigan militia say they exist because they have to defend their families, since the cops certainly can't. Paranoia.

So what causes this paranoia? Moore liked to play up the media aspect, pumping fear into our homes 24/7, and I do agree that everything is being sensationalized these days...but when I visit my parents in Florida, their news is benign and happy, since that area of Florida is relatively benign and happy.

I lied, I did laugh a lot ;) but I mean...it was a jaw-dropping movie. The funniest part was when he started walking into people's houses in Canada. I mean, I don't live in Columbine or Flint USA, but I certainly don't live in Windsor, Canada, either. If anyone walked into my house uninvited, I'd take a couple pops at him for sure.

But I don't own a gun. I guess that's the point.

Mercury Rising
Feb 10th, 2003, 04:33 PM
Put "Bowling for Columbine" in the "search" button, it's mentioned several times, but with little reaction.

White Stripes
Feb 10th, 2003, 06:15 PM
I've seen that movie.
I think it's really good, i think everyone should see it, cause everyone should know what's really going on there!!
I don't know if a few aspects were exxagerated in this movie, but probably Michael Moore just showed us the reality!

Feb 10th, 2003, 10:07 PM
jcstar I was thinking if he deliberatley over blowed the whole thing to make people sit up and think, and I also think that alot of people could do with seeing this movie, it would do them good.

Light-skinned Girl
Feb 10th, 2003, 11:44 PM
It was truly one of the *scariest* movies of the year. I loved the way he exposed *American newscasts* and how they *scare* us into watching their version of news.

Feb 11th, 2003, 09:33 AM
Originally posted by Noodles
Put "Bowling for Columbine" in the "search" button, it's mentioned several times, but with little reaction.

that's why we have to have at least one thread with more reaction! ;)

i went to see it last week after having tried 3 (!) times to get into the movie. it's been shown for 3 or 4 months now here in zurich, and it's always sold out :eek: ! people are really interested, and i think it's great that such a movie can be successful.
yes, michael moore is certainly rather egocentric, his movie is very american in a way, because it's also very polemic (sp?), europeans would have made a completely different movie. and that's what i really like about it, how american it has turned out to be - it kinda makes perfect sense. i also think moore has a real talent for entwining different different issues and showing the complexity of, well, life. there are NO easy answers, and everything depends upon someting else.

and at the core lies fear.

Feb 23rd, 2003, 01:20 PM
the movie got the "cÚsar", the french oscar for best foreign film yesterday!! :)

you go, michael moore :bounce: !

Feb 23rd, 2003, 05:21 PM
"A Devotion to Distortion"

Filmmaker-provocateur Michael Moore wanted to expose America's gun culture with his documentary, 'Bowling for Columbine.' Instead, he again exposed his basic dishonesty.

Source: http://www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=20211&section=COMMENTARY&year=2003&mon

The basic demand for a documentary is that it depicts reality, not embellishes it.

It doesn't take a lot of imagination to figure out why it received a "CÚsar", though.