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Feb 8th, 2003, 02:40 AM
Everyone was talking about Daniilidou really didn't player her best when she was up against serena at the Aussie. Here are there stats from the sets and the entire match. Its very interesting. Really you could tell that the match was always in the hands of Serena. Eleni's serve did let her down, but honestly I can't say ONE thing is going to determine the outcome of a match, serena has the best return in the game, even when eleni got her first serve in she only won 67% of the points. That needs to be a lot higher, so her serve didn't seem to bother serena at all.

If you look at how she played against dechy before she played serena in both of those second sets, she played a better second set against Serena than she did against dechy. Against Dechy at the Australian she had 12 errors and 8 winners, Dechy is the type of player you can hit winners against. But against Serena she only had 9 errors and only 1 winner (do to serena's speed). set two she served at 55% against serena and 66% against Dechy. That was really the only difference, the serve. But all in all, the match against Dechy was in Eleni's hands, the match against Serena left the hands of Eleni. And the thing about it, Serena didn't play her best tennis. If Serena plays like she has been playing this week, which is better than what she played against Eleni at the Aussie, eleni is going to go down even easier. But Eleni is a good player, she could be top 5 in the world. But she wouldn't be able to get to number 1 or 2 untill venus and serena are out the picture. I honestly think she could beat the top 10 except for Venus, Serena and Lindsay davenport. But she needs to get a lil more physcially fit and fine tune her game.


Feb 8th, 2003, 02:45 AM
Up until 4-4 in the first set against Serena, Eleni was still a chance to get that set, IMO. I mean she had handed one whole game to Serena with double faults, so imagine if her serve was on? Anyway, after that 8th game, she fell apart and Serena stepped it up and it turned pretty ugly.

Can she prevail? Well of course she *can*, everyone has a shot on any given day...but will she? Not too sure if she's ready. but I damn sure hope so!!!

Hope it's a good match anyway.

Feb 8th, 2003, 04:50 AM
i know she "can" prevail, if i base it on everyone else on this boards believe, that every player in any match "can and does have a chance to win it no matter what" but i grew up from da hood, and i go by the numbers, and by the players ability and performance. Serena has to much for Eleni, and everyone is all about her serve, her serve is no different than that of Lindsay Davenport, and I class hers w/ lindsay b/c Serena has a field day w/ lindsays first and second serves. Serena Venus has the best return in the game. They like the pace and power. Take for instance w/ Venus was beating up on Justine at the OZ. Pam Shriver hinted on the fact that Justine was winning more points on her second serve than on her first serve. Mary Carillo summed that philosiphy up really good. Venus and Serena practice against eachother, and they reutrn 115mph serves plus every day. So they really don't have any problem w/ the pace of first serves. A Serve is key, but against Venus and Serena you need much more than a Serve to beat them. And w/ Elenis serve "on" that doesn't me much to me and probably serena. Serena's return of serve is just too good right now. I mean she was hitting back venus' 115mph + back w/ no problem, i really don't see Eleni giving her the same amount of trouble. And another thing now that i think about it. Eleni needs to learn to spin her second serve over to Serena's backhand more, yes Serena's backhand has more margin for error than Serena's forehand, but its harder to try and hit an outright winner of the backhand for a second serve. She was directing so many of her second serves to serenas forehand. And her second serve is too short and its sits up long enough that most of the time serena was able to runaround her backhand (which she hardly ever does) and hit the forehand deep and hard. Serena brings to much power, skill, ability, she is going to take Eleni out in 2 sets. And the sets will go no further than a 6-4!

Feb 8th, 2003, 05:12 AM
I don't think so.


Feb 8th, 2003, 05:21 AM
doubt it, but i wouldn't be surprised if eleni did it..and yes i am saying that because my fave list is as follows...
1 - Venus
2 - Serena
3 - Eleni

Feb 8th, 2003, 05:48 AM
In a word: NO.