View Full Version : Will we ever see Hingis playing tennis again?

Steffica Greles
Jan 27th, 2003, 02:03 AM
When we watch the Williams sisters playing each other, we surely all think to ourselves: I wouldn't want to be one of the other players. How crushing must it be to see two players whose standards you will never match as they're in a completely different athletic league.

And then I think of Martina sitting at home watching them on the TV. How daunted and beleagured she must feel. Or does she feel motivated watching them?

We know that if Martina does return, she wants to return to the top. How must she feel watching the Williams sisters, knowing she'll never return, cover the court, nor serve to the standard they do? I'd say hapless, like most of the other players.

Yet unlike Henin and Clijsters, she's injured and needs to be motivated to start from scratch.

IF Hingis is physically capable, will she return?