View Full Version : This Venus loss was harder for me to endure.

Jan 25th, 2003, 09:33 PM
At RG-02, Venus had that sisterhood feeling that restrained her from going all out. We could even see her enjoying Serena’s win at the end. At Wimbledon-02, Venus felt a little more effort could do it, but to no avail. At US Open-02, she did go for it and was beaten. Here at AO-03, she wanted to settle the score and couldn't do it, which hurts ands confirms a degree of dominance by Serena.

However, it's not total dominance. Yesterday's match could have gone Venus's way as she had a couple of opportunities to take the first set, chiefly when she served for it at 5-4. Also, her 4 out of 15 break point conversions clearly highlight a ton of missed opportunities. So, one can say that she lost by a small margin. But margin is what top players fight for.

Can Venus defeat Serena in the future? I hope so. But I'm sure Serena won't stand still and will endeavor to keep and increase that margin. They are only 21 and 22, with many tennis years in them; we are looking into some serious rivalry to come. I sure wish Kim or some other top player could break in between and add some spice to the fray.

Yes, this loss was harder for me than the previous three.

But it was good for Serena: she achieved her vaunted Serena Slam, made history and joined the elite group that ever held all 4 GS's at once. At 21, that’s highly meritorious.

It was hard on Venus who didn't get the win; let's not be shy to call a spade for what it is. Yet, as she said herself, when you lose you more astute to your mistakes and eager to take the next step: that's the POSITIVE. She's been adding quite bit a variety to her game, including more topspins and net attack. She needs to carry on with that. More importantly, as many people on this board pointed out, she needs to work on that second serve. A little improvement won't do as it may fail under pressure. A complete revamp a la Justine is in order.

Bravo Serena!
Good luck Vee, you’re my #1.

Jan 25th, 2003, 09:53 PM
i don't see why she doesn't just hit two first serves.. she'd be better off... her second serve is being punished by serena who was all over it.. serena either hit a winner or put Venus on the defensive... Venus might as well go for her second serve as she would her first... she'd probably win a lot more points

Jan 25th, 2003, 10:15 PM
good post TP. the only part i disagree with is that i still think she plays with too much restraint. Serena went all out to beat Venus. she was able to put aside the "sister" thing and just launch a full scale attack, even cussing sotto voce to keep herself motivated. i suspect that Serena''s decision to move to her own house clear across the country and pursue separate dreams may be a factor in her ability last night to see Venus as an opponent and only that (at least for the duration of the match).

IMO Venus is the one who is still hampered by the "sister" dynamic. she didn't let loose on Serena --- at least not consistently. actually it's not her style to let loose -- she is a restrained person and player. but to beat Serena she will have to lose some of that reserve and go all out to just punish her. and it's hard to do that to a beloved sister.

what incredibly convoluted dynamics this pair has to find a way to work thru. i wonder if Oracene was telling herself last night that it might have been easier if one of them had been born a born so that he could separately dominate the ATP tour!

what an intersting period in history. i'm so glad i'm around for it.

i'm sorry you're taking the loss this badly. it's been tough for me to find folks to celebrate with bec everyone around me wanted Venus to win and are still hurting for her.

Venus Forever
Jan 25th, 2003, 10:15 PM
I feel the same TP.:sad:

Jan 25th, 2003, 11:44 PM
As much as I dislike watching all-Williams finals, yesterday's match was a heart-wrencher for me. You could tell Venus couldn't bare to lose again and she was going to fight til the end to claim this title, but Serena is just invincible out there. Hopefully Venus will gain more mental and emotional strength over time.

Jan 26th, 2003, 12:00 AM
This loss was difficult from a vensu fan perspective but also good for other reasons. For one i wanted Venus to finally win to serena after losing 5 straight times and 4 times at grand slams. But serena was in the midst of making history so i can forgive her as serena was determined to make history and im sure Venus is proud of her as well. But we must keep in mind that Venus' gaem is evolving before us. She is adding new dimensions to her game that will make her unbeatable in the future. She is finding ways to attack serena . notice her corsscourts exchanges to serena backhand. pulling serena wide so she coyuld rush the net, Very effective play against seren. as soon as Venus gets comfortable at the net , she will be undefeated. Her volleys were not great buit with a few more matches those volleys will be perfect. Imagine Venus playing this all out attacking net rushing game at wimbledon and USopen, she will be unbeatable. notice that serena stil prefers the baseline. She still isnt moving forward while venus is. Venus just needs to get more comfortable up there and her run of victories wil start soon. one year Venus was hitting serves at 90mph. i wonder why she stopped? was it shoulder or wrist problems? im not sure but she is capable of hitting harder serves and when she gets back to it its gonna be all over. Notice she is hitting 10 mph harder in this tournament. so she knows she needs to upgrade her game,. it just didnt all come together this time, but it will, have faith

PS serena's serve cant get much better, while venus' can, Serena's forehand cant get much better while venus' can. venus ' backhand down the line forehand down the line combination will be the play that Venus will use to tame serena, trust me, anybody studying that tape will see that that is teh way Venus can beat her.

Jan 26th, 2003, 01:37 AM
The only player that I've seen going for two 1st serves is Pete Sampras. There may be very few others, but generally players go for a safer 2nd serve so that at least they can get some sort of rally going. However, yesterday I was voicing the same thing as you: "why not take a chance with two 1st first serves". Unfortunately I was talking to my TV.

I noticed some restraint in Venus only in set-1 1st game. Maybe 2nd game as well. But beyond that, Venus was in it all the way so far as I could see. However, you're right, Serena was in full flight from get go. BTW, I didn't know she was effectively moving out of Florida. I thought the California condo was just for convenience, i.e., a place to stay while "struggling" to find movie parts. If you're right, the "sister" dynamics has taken a bold new direction.

I'm not sure Serena has reached the limits you seem to insinuate. I think both sisters have room for improvement in most areas and that may render Venus's work much harder. But I'm sure she will prevail if she applies herself to it. One thing though, they may have to play more often in competition.

Jan 26th, 2003, 01:44 AM
it is also my impression that she just got digs in LA for when she is there. but psychologically it's still a statement of separation -- and a much needed one bec for so long she stayed under Venus' protective arm. i think the separation and all that it entailed helped her to do the following (i quote in her own words...):
"I definitely just want to win," Serena said three hours after the match as she worked her way through a long-awaited ice cream cone in the players' lounge. "You know, when I'm on the court nowadays I just really see her, each time I play her, more and more like `This is an opponent' as opposed to `my sister.' When I come off the court and the match is over, then it goes back to `That's my sister I love with all my heart.' "

Asked if Venus's losing streak ever crossed her mind during the match, Serena answered, "No, not at all."

Venus Forever
Jan 26th, 2003, 01:48 AM
Alexandra Stevenson hits two first serves basically.;)

Jan 26th, 2003, 02:06 AM
Originally posted by VeNuS FoReVeR
Alexandra Stevenson hits two first serves basically.;) LOL, I'll pay attention next time. :)

Tennischick, I think with this statement -- `This is an opponent' as opposed to `my sister' -- Serena has drawn a line in the sand. :o