View Full Version : Who will be the first person to defeat Serena this year??

Jan 25th, 2003, 08:50 PM
As many of you know, Serena has stated her goal of going underfeated this year. That's a fantastic goal and could be attainable by Serena. However I doubt she will win every match because it's too draining mentally and physically.

So I think the first person to defeat her this year will be Kim and not Venus. Because Serena and Serena won't play in the same tourney again until Miami, otherwise I would pick Venus. I think Kim will overcome her nerves like Serena did and defeat her the next time they play.

Because you just know the first person to defeat Serena this year might get enough confidence to go on and win a GS tourney.

However, I would like for Serena to challenge Navratilova's fantastic record of 1983-84. :)

Jan 25th, 2003, 08:57 PM

Jan 25th, 2003, 08:59 PM
Well it's gonna be tough to beat her, I truly believe she can go unbeaten this year :eek:.

But I think the first person to beat her this year will be Venus in Miami. She came close this time and I think she will do it in their next meeting.

Jan 25th, 2003, 08:59 PM

Jan 25th, 2003, 09:02 PM
It's hard to know. Depends on how focussed and motivated she stays. Clay will be Serena's biggest test even though she was the #1 clay court performer last season. I still think Capriati has the best chance if she gets it together. She has the athleticism and fire to mix it with an on form Serena.

Jan 25th, 2003, 09:04 PM
Monica Seles. Look at their last 2 meetings :eek:

Jan 25th, 2003, 09:06 PM
Well IMO noone can beat her mental game at the moment. Lindsay, Kim, and even big sis have failed.

However, I do think that she can be beaten by players who mix it up. But they have to be on their game, otherwise Rena will win regardless. Rena is a tough challenge, but I think at some point she will lose a match. To go undefeated is a tall order, but remember last year when she said she wanted to be #1 and win slams and we all thought she was talking out the side of her mouth.

But hey she shut everyone up around here real quick. I wouldn't be suprised if she wen't undefeated, but I wouldn't be suprised if she lost a couple either.

Mr. Man
Jan 25th, 2003, 09:18 PM
In order for Serena to be defeated, The opponent has to be kickin' ass or Serena not playin' so well. ;)

Jan 25th, 2003, 09:21 PM
I think that it is almost impossible to go undefeated for a full tennis season. Therefore, I think that the first player to beat Serena will probably be Kim or Jen. She seems to have her toughest matches against them. Or, it may be an unknown player who moves the ball around a lot, changes things up a bit, and takes the speed off the ball making Serena create her own pace. It's gonna be hard for the rest of the tour against her, but I don't think she'll go unbeaten this year.

Jan 25th, 2003, 09:27 PM
How about Anne Keothavong or Elena Baltacha? duh! LOL!

Jan 25th, 2003, 09:27 PM
Jelena Dokic;)

VS Fan
Jan 25th, 2003, 09:28 PM
I think she will lose a few matches this year, but probably the FIRST one will be a player like Callen, Loit, or Syneider or some unknown player whe sneeks up on her and plays a lot of off-speed balls. Serena has trouble with this style when she plays such a player the first time, but they rarely get an encore!

Jan 25th, 2003, 09:50 PM
I'm still thinking Kim..as long as she plays as she does now:)

Jan 25th, 2003, 09:51 PM
Odd as it may sound
Most likely or not it will be herself.

Jan 25th, 2003, 09:59 PM
It'll probably be someone unexpected, and most likely on clay.

Jan 25th, 2003, 10:05 PM
Monica Seles.... i know they haven't played in over a yr... but they play very similar games.... have u notcie that Serena is a modern version of Seles?? i think so anyway...

Jan 25th, 2003, 10:20 PM
This was Pam Shrivers List

1. Venus
2. Kim/Justine
3. Lindsay
4. Jennifer
5. Monica

And I agree with it

In Paris? Nobody (unless Mauresmo comes back 90%)
In Scottsdale? Kim, maybe
In Miami? Ah, here you go.....Venus

Jan 25th, 2003, 10:30 PM
I'm hoping it will be Monica :D.

Jan 25th, 2003, 10:33 PM
monica is working hard on her fitness.. as long as she's healthy she may shock Serena

Jan 25th, 2003, 10:41 PM
well their last match was 7-5 7-6(4) and that was when Serena was in the zone, and before that it was 6-2 3-6 7-6(2)

and before that 4-6 6-3 6-2 and before that 6-3 6-2, and before that 4-6 6-1 6-1

So they've been pretty good

~ The Leopard ~
Jan 26th, 2003, 01:32 AM
I hope it's Amelie. Really, though, I just want Amelie back 100%. I'm more worried about her injury and recovery now than her being able to beat the sisters.

I expect that Serena won't lose to anyone until such a time as she has an off day, perhaps with some minor injury worry or something. In those circumstances, I can't guess who it might be against.

Jan 26th, 2003, 02:21 AM
The only person to BEAT her will be Venus

But otherwise, yeah herself

Jan 26th, 2003, 02:47 AM
I'd say Venus, Kim, Justine, Amelie or somebody really unexpected that's going to catch Serena on a totally off day and then proceed to crash out horribly in the next round :o

Jan 26th, 2003, 03:56 AM
herself of course!

Jan 26th, 2003, 04:13 AM
Vera Zvonareva

Jan 26th, 2003, 04:15 AM
no one will beat her until martina comes back

Jan 26th, 2003, 04:17 AM
I would have to say:
1. Clijsters (clay is best shot)
2. Henin (clay is best shot)
3. Seles (anything but grass)
4. Capriati (when she's recovered)
5. Mauresmo (on clay) or Venus (on grass is best shot)

Jan 26th, 2003, 04:18 AM
Vera and Amelie

Jan 26th, 2003, 04:23 AM
all this talk on Zvonareva, what has she yet to do anything?

Jan 26th, 2003, 04:26 AM
Originally posted by VS Fan
I think she will lose a few matches this year, but probably the FIRST one will be a player like Callen, Loit, or Syneider or some unknown player whe sneeks up on her and plays a lot of off-speed balls. Serena has trouble with this style when she plays such a player the first time, but they rarely get an encore!

I agree with this. It will be someone we least expect it. I predict Kim will not beat Serena this year though. Too much media talking about Kim. I know Serena says she doesn't follow the media but they can't help it. I think that will be her motivation to always fight to the last point against Kim. Just like Jennifer in 2002.

Jan 26th, 2003, 05:06 AM
Without the pressure of the Serena slam, Serena will be a lot looser in her next tournaments ... I think she will win Paris and Scottsdale and will lose to Venus in the finals at Miami!

But who knows ... she might as well be totally drained and lose in the 1st round in Paris to a top50 player...Paris is only 2 weeks away after all!

Jan 26th, 2003, 05:13 AM
According to what I have been reading, Serena's schedule up until the French Open is:

Paris Indoors
Miami (Nasdaq-100)
(not confirmed for Rome but most likey will play since she is the defending champion)

Unless she is below her best, I don't see her losing before Miami, where she can face Venus in the final. I really don't think Kim will beat her in Scottsdale. Her first test will be on clay at Charleston, but there she will be motivated since she only got to the quarterfinal last year. My money says either Venus or hardcourt or Kim on clay will be her first defeat.

Jan 26th, 2003, 12:52 PM
i think Justine Henin at either Berlin or Rome (if they play)

Sam L
Jan 26th, 2003, 01:11 PM
Mrs. Henin-Hardenne or Mademoiselle Amelie on clay in Europe :)

Jan 26th, 2003, 01:27 PM

in that order :)

Jan 26th, 2003, 04:54 PM
Mauresmo or Capriati.Maybe Clisters too.

Jan 27th, 2003, 01:59 AM
I really don't see anyone beating Serena;) If there is going to be one this year, it is because she was tired(who wouldn't 4 GS in a row!) and probably from a tricky player on a lucky day like Patty Schnyder. Maybe Monica Seles too...

VS Fan
Jan 27th, 2003, 02:37 AM
The Schnyder match was a real shock, because Serena had won the first set 6-1 with no problems.

Patty found something that day to totally get Serena out of sync and won two close sets for the victory.

She then beat an over confident Jennifer Capriati, but lost to Iva in the final. She has done little since. Strange how these things happen.

Jan 27th, 2003, 02:40 AM
Patty won in Zurich, so I wouldn't say she has done little since. And she did OK in Melbourne.

I think that Serena will indeed go undefeated this year...and have not only the Serena Slam, but also THE Grand Slam!

Jan 27th, 2003, 02:45 AM
Patty is sloowing making a campaign for the top 10 (like most others in the top 15) so i wouldnt say she hasnt done anything

I highly doubt Serena will go undefeated, Venus simply wont let it happen

Jan 27th, 2003, 03:34 AM
if serena's a little off and makes quite a lot of errors,
Monica Seles (if she's healthy and if it's one of those tournies where she gets pumped up - e.g. Canadian, French Open)
Mauresmo (If she's fit)
Daniilidou (When her serves improves)
Venus (with an improved second serve and a forehand with less errors)

Jan 27th, 2003, 04:04 AM
OK, she nearly lost 3 times in her first event of the year. I'm laughing my ass off at people who think she will go undefeated. Kim is obvious, Venus is obvious. Monica has always troubled her greatly, and may be more dangerous now than she has been in years. Mauresmo, then Henin, then Davenport and Capriati. Yes, Davenport and Capriati 6th and 7th. I don't see Jen getting it together any time soon, and Lindsay simply has very little that she does better than Serena, and many things she does much worse.

May 13th, 2003, 11:47 AM
Justine of course..:)

Nov 4th, 2003, 12:48 PM
Undefeated the whole year...wow!!

Nov 4th, 2003, 01:52 PM
Because you just know the first person to defeat Serena this year might get enough confidence to go on and win a GS tourney.

That the only thing that was true!! The first person to beat Serena this year, went & won 2 Slams this year!! :bounce: :drool:

Nov 4th, 2003, 02:00 PM
I was struck by that comment in the first post too. Looking back, it was a shrewd comment.

Someone also posted that Henin and Mauresmo would beat Serena in Europe on clay.

That was true as well. :)

Nov 4th, 2003, 02:02 PM
what about last remark of this post? :p

Nov 4th, 2003, 04:58 PM
wow this thread is from january and a poster looked it up to try to prove something. What has it proved? Justine can beat Serena on clay?

Well sorry people Justine beat Serena on clay in 2002 when she had her best year on tour. So that's no big accomplishment.

Try Again! :rolleyes: