View Full Version : I hate ESPN!

Jan 25th, 2003, 05:14 AM
Once again they are not showing the award ceremony.:fiery: :fiery: Is Sportscenter that important?

Jan 25th, 2003, 05:15 AM
LoL, yep...i guess so

Jan 25th, 2003, 05:27 AM
yeah, I thought Sports Center was also coming after the match ended, but in the end they showed the award ceremony.
did you get to see it??

Jan 25th, 2003, 05:30 AM
They didn't show all of Venus' speech. I'm sure they won't cut any of Andre out tomorrow.:fiery: :fiery:

Jan 25th, 2003, 05:30 AM
no but it was chopped up and we didn't get to see any of the after the match interviews. :( :fiery:

I didn't know who Venus had died until I saw it on this board. I absolutely hate ESPN. That shotty coverage is fine for a small tournament but not a Grand Slam.

Jan 25th, 2003, 05:34 AM
OOPS! :eek:


I got fooled by ESPN.

Jan 25th, 2003, 05:36 AM
They rerun Sportscenter all night, what was the big deal in showing the whole awards ceremony. I wish another station would outbid ESPN for the Aussie Open.

Jan 25th, 2003, 05:39 AM
what did Venus say in her speech?? (before they cut her off):wavey:

Mr. Man
Jan 25th, 2003, 05:42 AM
ESPN never changes! Stupidass people on ESPN.
Ya, Come on Lets show 'Sportscenter! Like that is freakin' important. I think the highlights of other sports can wait...hmm for about 10 minz. :rolleyes: :firey: