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Jan 23rd, 2003, 06:59 AM
My faith in crowds deminished to the Ausralian Open being my last one to have as decent and fair crowds. Now i know everyone was watching this match. Did you see that damn blister on serena? fuck i mean that really sucked. i've had one smaller than that, and was in a hella pain. she is one strong sistah. i give my props to kim for makin serena play, and in no way do i feel those injury timeouts were gamesmanship by serena. matter of fact, the trainer is the one who called for a second injury timeout for the blister on her ring toe, now if this was a injury timeout to take care of a stomach ache, or head ache, i would call that gamesmanship all the way, but for the cameras to give me that type of evidence, man o man, serena baby, i hope that heals up. that was sick. that tells you how hard she pushes on the gournd. let up gurl.

this crowd really surprised me to boo serena. that was not right at all in any way, but the good thing about it is (unlike americans crowds) they made up for it, but applauding serena and kim after the match, i really didn't hear any booing. What got me before this match as well, was Mary Carillo and Mary Jo Fernandez stating that kim said the match was basically in serena's hands, if serena comes out firing kim said she would have to try and raise her level and go for more off her forehand, but if serena is off, she is going to just try and get it back, really that worked a lot as you look at the stats, but kim really should've tried and picked it up when she was up 5-1 in the thrid set, and the match points man, serena just outplayed her on those.

i thought forsure serena was down and out, but im starting to believe her when she says she never feels she is going to loose a match, i sure thought otherwise. interesting stat as well, serena snaps kim's winning streak, and keeps her little thing of going "undefeated" (which is think venus will end that theory) at the end of the year! The match was not great, due to the fact of serena's errors, and was really as pam continued to say in the match (and i was wondering when she would stop saying this) that serena was beating herself. Indeed serena was, but how many times must you repeat things?

i will be very surpised if kim trys to mention anything about serena having any type of gamesmanship in this match, she clearly was needing the injury tymeout. but like i said, the evidence calms me down on that issue, had it been a stomach ache, headache, i would have to get on serena for that one. but on this board, im not going to read any threads, cuz im sure most everyone on here thinks it was gamesmanship from serena. ugly match, but clearly the outcome was done by serena. clijsters didn't loose this match, serena beat her in the end, coming back from 5-1 down, serena picked up her game, clijsters should've but i think it was hard for her b/c she didn't need to in any of her other matches. kim needs to keep her head up, they hyped her to be the only 1 to stop the williams vs. williams, but she couldn't do it, but i put her number 1 on my list to be the first to beat them. she is an outstanding player, and if she can clean up her game, and go for a lil more winners like venus and serena do, she will be right there w/ them!

Cybelle Darkholme
Jan 23rd, 2003, 07:03 AM
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nice points but kim will not do that she's first rate and knows that she came oh so close but couldn't step up. Serena stepped up and took it away.

also the crowd wanted kim to win despreately. thats not bad but booing double faults way before serena even took that injury time out shows you where they were coming from. nasty business.