View Full Version : Will Serena become No. 14?

Jan 23rd, 2003, 02:04 AM
We have Fred Perry, Don Budge, Maureen Connelly, Shirley Fry, Doris Hart, Roy Emerson, Rod Laver, Margaret Smith Court, Billie Jean King, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, and Andre Agassi. Of the 100 years or so of Grand Slam tennis (yes, ok, not quite 100 years for some), only 13 men and women have managed at least one singles title at each.

Will Serena become No. 14 on this VERY exclusive list? Will Kim, Venus, or Justine stop her? Or is she destined to join the "club." History might be made, it's kind of exciting!

What do you think?

Jan 23rd, 2003, 02:16 AM
It would be strange if she didn't join that list. She just belongs there. If she will join it in the next days?? Time will tell :)