View Full Version : In This Thread, i again break the law and post a confidential memo

Car Key Boi
Jan 22nd, 2003, 07:27 PM
and it's a memo pissing & moaning about 'someone' who is posting err confidential memos on a "tacky website" :o

could the author be 'Julie' of Wtaworld? :o

Ariadne Capital
Salacious gossip and internal confidential information posted on a tacky website
From: Julie Meyer
Sent: 20 January 2003
To: All staff
Subject: All associates - not for external circulation

As you know, the last few months have been difficult financially. Both Bundeep and I have invested more of own cash into the firm to pay salaries and benefits only to see this rewarded by salacious gossip and internal confidential information posted on a tacky website.

I am dissapointed with whoever is behind this, be they a current or past employee. I have strived long and hard to make Ariadne Capital a success and this smacks of betrayal. I am vacationing from end Jan thru mid Feb and I expect that during my absence the general tone will have improved and we will be able to make 2003 OUR year.

Other internal matters include the missing stationery from the meeting room. I now understand this was misplaced by myself and I apologise for the last email missive which blamed ex-employees.

With immediate effect the door codes will be changed and new photocards will be issued by the porter early next week.

Our cash situation is still perilous, but we have over 300,000 in upaid invoices from ****** and *** which I understand will be considered in Feb. This means our planned company social to Skegness will be delayed until then.