View Full Version : Women's tennis again proves to be predictable.

Jan 22nd, 2003, 02:49 AM
the four players left in the semis is the result that could be most easily predicted before the tourney.

Jan 22nd, 2003, 02:56 AM
well Kim, Serena and Venus definitely were predictable. The third quarter was a little more open as it could have been predicted either Davenport or Capriati also.

There were really only two surprise results so far in the tourney

1) Capriati's first round exit
2) Seles' second round exit

The rest of the tourney has been boring and predictable. Only two players in the Round of 16 could be classified as real surprises - Pascual and chladkova - the others were obvious and the winners fo the R16 matches were all predictable bar the Davenport/Henin epic and possibly the Myskina/Rubin match up.

Jan 22nd, 2003, 03:03 AM
RoB You are right.. the two matches you mentioned are the only real surprises so far in the event. n Monica was really unfortunately to get injured n lose. n Justine beating Lindsay aint that surprising at all n should not be call an upset as she is ranked higher of the two n Lindsay's game is still not where it used to be.. so with the exceptions of Monica n Jennifer(well Jannifer had been very poorly pre much since last year's aussie open, so her loss before semis wouldnt have been so surprising though her lost to Marlena was definitely the upset of the tourny),this year's AO has been very predictable n not so exciting.

Jan 22nd, 2003, 04:13 AM
Those recently lanuched threads about an all willams final n an all belgium final speak for themselves.. nothing else to talk about...