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Car Key Boi
Jan 21st, 2003, 09:27 PM
Police across the nation estimate the crowd that avoided Saturday's anti-war demonstrations at about 289 million :o

Americans from coast-to-coast voted in absentia against criticizing the Bush administration for Iraq's failure to comply with U.N. resolutions.

Anti-anti-war demonstrators gathered in grocery stores, shopping malls and private homes to proclaim their disagreement with protestors marching in the streets of Washington D.C. and San Francisco.

"Going about my regular Saturday routine is my way of saying I disagree with the radical left-wing agenda of the anti-Bush crowd," said college student Melanie Sampson, who spent the day preparing a term paper for a literature course.

Police reported no unusual problems with the droves that stayed away from the protests.

"It was a normal Saturday in America," said one Sheriff's deputy.

daniela's necklace
Jan 21st, 2003, 09:50 PM
ha! I made it thru the link :p

Car Key Boi
Jan 21st, 2003, 10:45 PM
Originally posted by oscar
ha! I made it thru the link :p

what link?

the 'last post' link?

or the 'enter 1st post' on the left?

cos there's no link in the subject box, troof