View Full Version : Chilean porn politician promises to flash breasts

Ted of Teds Tennis
Jan 21st, 2003, 04:01 PM

A Chilean porn star has promised to flash her fellow MPs if her election campaign is successful.

Reichel says if elected she will flash her breasts every time rival politicians begin to argue over legislation.

The 26-year-old says she is campaigning on an anti-discrimination platform. She also believes in the death penalty for rapists and paedophiles.

Reichel is modelling her campaign style on the Italian porn star, Cicciolina, who was elected to the Italian parliament.

She told newspaper Las Ultimas Noticias that she would quit her roles in porn films, if elected to parliament in order to focus on politics.

Reichel said she believed voters would elect her to stop infighting in parliament.

"When the politicians fight in Congress, I'll show them my breasts," she said.

"This will be my way of protesting and it will make them reach agreement. I'm going to get some nice implants so I'll be happy to show them."