View Full Version : How much affect does the Williams dominance have on the rankings?

Jan 21st, 2003, 01:44 PM
Right, i'm just going a bit hypothetical here, i'm not trying to bash anyone or hype anyone, i'm just thinking (possibly dumb thoughts) out loud and would like some comments :)

When you have 2 players carving up every draw they enter, IMO its going to have a big effect on the rest of the rankings on tour... there will be fewer title holder & beaten finalist points on offer, which should mean the rest of the tour is closer, and it should mean fewer good results still mean a higher ranking. You have to do less to get a higher ranking than say there was no dominant player, or just one. (This despite relatively few tier 1's being played by the sisters)

When you play Venus or Serena, there is a pretty big chance you are going to lose. If you seem to meet a Williams sister early on in a tournament, you'd get fewer points than your form etc would deserve. If you get 'weaker' players in your parts of the draw, you'll get further and get more points. This despite being not as good a player as ones who lose to the sisters early.

So my question is, how much of an effect do the random draws have on the rankings? If you are unlucky enough to get Venus in the 4th round/QF of a grand slam, or in the QF of a tier 2 etc, how much of an effect will it have on ur rankings compared to getting say Myskina, Dokic, Daniela or Davenport? Just picked names in the 5-12 range there, players who would be seeded in most/all events.

Names that come into my head are kournikova (facing top seeds in 2nd round many times when coming back from injury), Rubin (4th round slam meetings with sisters many times), Seles (constantly in a sister's quarter) etc etc.

Of course you can only play who you're drawed to play and so its not a player's fault they are able to get further in draws, I'm not denying that, and also you never are certain who will beat who (e.g. i said rubin had bad luck, but then again she got myskina this time and didn't take the chance), I'm just wondering how much of a help or hinderance is the randomness of draw making? Do you think the randomness evens itself out and that everyone will eventually lose in the same places of a draw over the course of a year, or do you think some people truly are lucky or unlucky in their draws?