View Full Version : Hold on a minute, is it perfectly liable to sue for a hangover?

Jan 20th, 2003, 11:40 PM
I love beer as much as the next man... who is in the pub..

But beer carries NO health warnings, yet cigarettes do "Smoking can harm your pregnant baby", "Smoking kills" and "Smoking makes you have horrendous teeth, bad breath and yellow fingers"...

Even chewing gum says "excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect".

Yet beer, responsible for so many missed work days that have led to warnings/sackings for people all up and down the UK and indeed the world, has NO warning on whatsoever.

So does this mean we can sue for a hangover? People who have liver probs could sue the breweries for not informing them enough. Why do cans and bottles of beer not have anti-drink-driving messages on them?

I'm not saying people should stop buying beer, that would be wholesomely ridiculous and incredibly hypocritical of me to say such a thing (mm, as I drink my lovely Carlsberg Export and eat me Pringles), but I think beer should probably carry some kind of warning, like cigs most people will ignore it but it's always there, certainly anti-drink driving messages should be put on teh side of all cans and bottles that can be bought in shops.

Mind you, you could do warnings for everything, imagine going for a curry and you get a note with it saying "Warning - After eating this Chicken Vindaloo, you may experience severe bowel difficulties the following morning".