View Full Version : Car owners over 50. Are you concerned about your insurance premium?

Jan 19th, 2003, 10:39 AM
You shouldn't be, I mean for f**ks sake that's the last thing you should be concerned about, a war's nearly going to start and you can only be bothered about thinking of your insurance premium? I mean what kind of a fool are you? "ooh, I'm concerned about my insurance premium for my car now I'm over 50". Lets face it. No-one cares. Not me, not the average bloke in the street, not Psycho Tim who wanders the streets going to pubs shaking everyone's hands and was rumoured to be walking along Spencer Road one early morning wearing nothing but his famous cap, a cigarette and a Safeway bag with a cheap 99p football in, the people who do these adverts... THEY DONT CARE. They just want your money, and they get it easily from hapless gullible proles like yourself. CAN'T YOU SEE THROUGH THEM? IT'S HARDLY F**KING OPAQUE IS IT? CAN'T YOU SEE?

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