View Full Version : You know there's something wrong when EVERY PLAYER may leave the footy club u support

Jan 19th, 2003, 09:17 AM
First of all, a plea.

If anyone has 5000 lying around and would like to invest it in a football club ataht plays at Unibond Division One level, please get in touch. If you have 20,000 and you own a company (or make big noises in one (metaphor, not bang pots an pans around)) and would like to sponsor a new plush 500 seater stand, then get in touch.

Basically, my fave club, Belper Town FC are in a position where they can go for promotion to the Unibond Premier (one division below the conference). There is a slight problem however... the football club board of directors in their infinite wisdom have made a slight balls up and had to reduce all the players wages by a large amount, which as you can imagine, and justifyably so, has really p*ssed them all off. They're all really good blokes and some have been unfairly treated by our supporters because they play a particular brand of football that isn't all fancy dance on the floor stuff/they come from Yorkshire and not Belper. One player's already buggered off (Leroy Chambers, whose shorts I sponsored) cos he was annoyed with it all, when your own fans, be it a small minority ironically cheer your top scorer off the pitch just cos he's had an off-day, well most of these moaners wouldn't know a decent player if it bit them on the arse.

They all played yesterday in what was a dire 0-0 draw, but we're still in with a good shout. They're good players tho, we have a Republic of Ireland Under 21 international in the side called Niall McNamara who is a genius, he doesn't have another job tho so he can't plod along on 25 a week. But yeah loads of em are wanted by bigger clubs and they'll all go if something ain't sorted soon. We need money and fast.

I'm also writing a book at the mo about the history of my club from 1951-2002, that should generate around 4000, to 6000 but that money will only come in December which is too late.