View Full Version : Anastasia Kondratieva

Jan 16th, 2003, 05:09 PM

although itís surprising, thereís a small report today in a Valencian newspaper about a young tennis player frm Russia called Anastasia Kondratieva. They say there that she is about to be 13 years old, that she is a big promise and where she studies and trains (near the city of Valencia). They say she came to Spain two years ago and that she was runner up in the Nike Junior Tour 02. They also say that her goals are not only winning a Grand Slam tournament, but also some Grand Slam tournaments in the same year. They also say that she speaks fluently Spanish and English (and I suppose Russian! ;)).

So, Iím curious and would like to know if you know more about her and if you think that she is a good as they say in this article. Thanks!