View Full Version : In This Thread, bois list things to say to strippers in titty bars

Car Key Boi
Jan 16th, 2003, 02:41 AM
"Do yuo have a pack of Kleenex?"

"How many kids have yuo got?"

"Do yuo have change for a dollar?"

- Car Key Boi :cool:

Jan 16th, 2003, 11:04 PM
No Car key boi, it is not do you have change for a dollar. The question is can you make change for a dollar. I have seen it done. That girl was quite talented.

Car Key Boi
Jan 17th, 2003, 03:16 AM
lol brickhouse

here's some more

"can yuo do that trick with the cigerette?"

"can yuo do that trick with the ping pong ball?"

"what's yuor record distance with the ping pong ball?"

"be honest, yuo're name isn't really Hollywood"

"i beleive yuo, when i first laid eyes on yuo i thought that yuo were a student doctor who does a little part-time stripping to earn a few extra bucks to help pay for yuor studies"

- Car Key Boi :cool: