View Full Version : ITT, I post an internal memo warning employees not to post internal memos on the Web

Car Key Boi
Jan 16th, 2003, 01:26 AM
this is an memo from Sun Microsystems in Cali :)

From: Shanker Trivedi
To: xxxxxxxx@sun.com

There are clear and strict guidelines regarding the publication of
materials that are marked as Sun confidential. Everyone is expected to be
familiar withthese guidelines (See: Sun Information Protection Policy).

Very recently, confidential product information was published to a Sun
public website potentially causing damage to the company in a number
of respects. Accordingly, it is essential that we take steps to ensure
that this does not happen again.

For all of you who have staff who have the ability to publish information
to any of Sun's external websites, you bear ultimate responsibility for
ensuring that appropriate procedures are in place to prevent such

Please ensure that all affected staff (1) read this e-mail (2) reread Sun's
Information Protection Policy, and (3) review and modify web publishing
processes to ensure that the highest standards can be met. Once this has
been done please advise me by e-mail -- but no later than the end of

If any of your staff are unsure about the adequacy of suitable controls then
contact either Mike Douglas or Robyn Yoslow.



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