View Full Version : In This Thread, we admit to things that we 'borrowed' from work and forgot to return

Car Key Boi
Jan 13th, 2003, 04:02 PM
i'll start off with (in no particular order)

a Compaq ProLiant
a killer Dell laptop
a piece of shit Sony laptop
An old Compaq Prolinea (for my XT/286/386 games which i've since given the shitcan)
A killer Black Box KVM switch
hubs and a router
tons of software

and also a pen

what about YUO? :D

- Car Key Boi :cool:

Jan 13th, 2003, 10:35 PM
Um, less impressive...

From work at Focus.

A 301 piece drill set (that was planted in my bag but I never took it back.)
The uniform.
My two Focus name badges. The one that said "Joseph" (not my actual name) and Jo (not my actual name). I told them time and time again. twats.

From Victoria Wine

150 Manilla envelopes
25 ballpoint pens.

From school...

A 33kbps modem (in about '96)
Three mice.
Many textbooks.
Six tennis balls,
Three cricket balls
Someone elses art project.

Jan 13th, 2003, 11:12 PM
Um, lets see. I think I'm a regular klepto, um sorry, 'borrower' of things from work.

These include: a stapler, tonnes and I mean tonnes of stationery, a teddy bear, a pic of a co worker (I'll return that soon enough man), can't remember any othetr things right now. I'll go make a list and edit!! :)

Jan 13th, 2003, 11:50 PM
Back in my hooking days, I would rip off stuff from out of town johns if they acted like assholes to me. I figured they had it coming and being from out of town, it wouldn't hurt my "career." They wouldn't go to the cops because they'd have to admit to being with a hooker (and most were married), so it was pretty much the perfect crime. Plus, I never stole so much that they couldn't get to the airport, and I never stole credit cards or rental cars or anything. I scored a lot of cash, a few watches, some rings, some bracelets, and my biggest score (or so I thought at the time), solid gold eyeglass frames. They turned out to have no street value, so I gave them to Ronnie (he had the lenses changed of course). He wears them today. A few dopes had lap-tops, but I can't exactly shove those down my top, so I had to let them go.

Jan 14th, 2003, 12:18 AM
pffft! pens are expensive. and so is printing paper by the ream. markers, clipboards, paper clips, staplers, extension cords, telephone cords, index cards...they add up. the only thing i don't bring home are the phone calls, faxes, instant messages and e-mails i make to my friends and family in europe.

Jan 14th, 2003, 02:39 AM
OK, the obvious ones are paper, pens and envelopes, by the plenty. The more obscure items include a lawnmower, a porn light (it was red), candles, pillow cases, duvet covers, a 5 foot fake tree, a personalised place mat, a t-shirt, free passes to Alton Towers for 5, a jug, a tea cup and saucer, a sandwich box, ice cube trays, bottles of wine, various party foods, a bottle opener, mini DV tapes, blank VHS tapes, CDs, 2 pint glasses, 2 half pint glasses, beer mats, blank minidiscs, money from the vending machine that someone had left (it adds up I tell you), about a dozen mugs, cushions, books and a mini air hockey table.

My gains from school included syringes (I have no idea why to this day), warning tape, a set of ultra sensitive scales, text books, a 'Be Careful - This Floor Is Slippery' sign, someone elses' hockey stick, 2 strings from a double bass, a traffic cone, various utensils from the Home Ec room and all those laminated 'Exams - Be Quiet' signs.

Winona's got nothing on me!

Jan 14th, 2003, 03:02 AM
Not necessarily nicked from work or school... "Hard hats must be worn on site" signs, a regestration plate for a car (not pulled off, found on a road), a "coaches welcome" sign from a pub, several traffic cones (which were nicked for the football club I used to play for for training purposes from a nearby roadworks on the A6), the game "Operation" (it was left outside Oxfam, I'd come back from the pub and thought I'd take it, and felt rather guilty in the morning so I took it back!), pint glasses aplenty (every nicks them) and taking advantage of the old video and games store's PC game rental service who rented out games that you didn't need the cd for to play on them. No wonder they went bankrupt. Oh and a cats eye (no, not from a real cat)

The most weirdest thing I think anyone who I know has stolen was a rubber spitting image figure of former politician and now Lord, David Owen (Lord Owen).

Coronation Street actress (soon to be former Coronation St actress) Tracy Shaw is supposedly banned from every single supermarket in the town of Belper where she used to live, after being caught stealing a punnet of strawberries from Safeway some years ago, and allegedly other items from the Co-op and Somerfield (then Gateway) stores. The ban may be lifted now, but Shaw hasn't been seen in Belper in years ever since "the Italians" bought the Talbot pub from their parents. (for purposes of not getting sued... all I know is that she was banned from Safeway and it was strawberries she stole, the other stories may or may not be 100% true.)

Colin B
Jan 15th, 2003, 01:48 PM
OK - Confession time!

For many years, I have worked on the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of production lines. This has brought me into daily contact with produce varying from cat food to caviar,
fruit juice to beer, crisps to tennis balls (vacum sealed in cans).
You'd be amazed how much stuff gets thrown away, during the process of production, for the slightest reason. So sometimes I can't resist 'liberating' say, 24 cases of beer that got labelled wrongly, or tins of food for our cat that were slightly underweight.

The funniest story I heard about 'borrowing' from work was from an engineer friend of mine who was senior manager on site during a night shift at a quarry. He was walking through the car park late at night when he saw a labourer loading a sack of coal into his car. My mate (keen to be seen as 'one of the lads')
said "Don't let me see you do that again" to which the labourer replied "You'd better fuck off then, 'cos I'll be back with another sack in a minute"!

Jan 15th, 2003, 04:43 PM
The receptionist.