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Jan 4th, 2003, 04:10 PM

The WTAT is a tipping competition run all year round whereby players (you)nominate particular competitors (real life WTA players) at each tournament. The aim of the game is to earn as many points as possible and this occurs when your selected players win.


Each tournament you select three seeded players and four non-seed players (if a tournament has up to 16 seeds, those from 9-16 are to be counted as seeds also). For the Grand Slams, only count the Top 16 seeds. Once you have selected your seven players for the tournament, you need to register your 'team' on the WTAWORLD Message Board. Or you can e-mail me at: queenmartina2001@yahoo.com. Just follow the link on the message board to each weeks competition and post your 'team', or e-mail me, it's that easy.


If a player you select wins in...

Straight Sets...you get... 3 Points
Three Sets...you get... 2 Points

If a player you select loses in...
Three Sets...you get... 1 Point
Straight Sets...you get... No Points!

So for instance, if all of your seven players win in straight sets you get 21 Points - this amount is compared against your opponent in the draw and who ever has the highest number of points, advances to the next round.

Each round you start back at Zero Points however, if there if a tie between a match, which ever player has accumulated the most points so far in the tournament will advance. If a tie happens in the first round, I will flip a coin to decide the winner.

Once you are defeated, your remaining players (if any) cannot continue to earn you points. If for instance, you lose in the Quarter Finals and have managed to accumulate 24 Points, then this will be added to your ranking. Simple. The further you go in a tournament, the more points you have a chance at earning.

Each draw will have seeds, determined on the WTAT rankings and if you knock off a seed you receive bonus points as follows: -

Seeds 1-4: 100 Points
Seeds 5-8: 85 Points
Seeds 9-12: 75 Points

Seeds 13-16: 65 Points

Seeds 17-33: 55 Points

Seeds 34-50: 45 Points

Seeds 51-67: 35 Points

Seeds 64-84: 25 Points

Seeds 85-100: 15 Points

Seeds 101- : 0 Points

You also get accumulate points for how far you progress in a tournament, depending on what Tier it is. Tier will be according to the WTA Tour, and it will be known every tournament.

The selection of your teams must be posted on the WTAWORLD Message Board or emailed to me three hours before play begins.
If you have any further queries regarding this competition, please e-mail me at queenmartina2001@yahoo.com


Jan 4th, 2003, 06:01 PM