View Full Version : Can she do it???

Dec 31st, 2002, 01:50 PM
I watched Evie play at the french open on tv and she played a good match hit her forehand hard and serve

but then I went and watched her play at Dalby and her serve was yuck it just made it over the net and she keept hitting the ball up in the air instead of flatter

I hope she can win a couple of matches in Sydney and the aussie open

hope she can repeat her 3round that she made in 2001
In sydney it would be nice for her to win over a top 30 player
she just has to belive in herself and bring her forehand and big serve

Do you think she will ever win a wta singals tiltle she has a doubles what surface do you think it will be on

who coahes dominikovic?? I herad she split with her coach she needs a good one

how well do you think she will do in the next two tournaments hopefully she can use them to break back into the top 100

come on evie we know you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 1st, 2003, 01:07 AM
I think she can beat a top 30 player for sure...shes beaten a top tenner before once so anything is possible. Its not probable for Evie to win a round at Adidas, but if she brings her A game im sure she can catch a player off guard and make round 2.

Anyway ill bethere to watch her play at Sydney :) and i hope she has a good week and atleast shows she can play a good match with the top 30...which we know she can! go evie

btw - when her serve and fh are on they are v.good shots ! i agree, and its the bh which can get shaky the most

Jan 1st, 2003, 06:59 AM
Are you goin to sydney could you please take pics for me
do you know who she'll be playin doubles with??? hopefully stewart becuase there pretty good together

I hope she brings her A1 game and makes it to the 2nd round so she can get some match practice

I hope she can get to the 3rd round of the aussie open again and play more matches than she did last year before indiana wells

do you know what tournaments she will be playing in this year??

Come on evie 2nd round at sydney then 3rd at aussie open

Jan 1st, 2003, 01:23 PM
To answer some of your questions rusty...

I dont think Evie will win a title unfortunately...she still has to reach her first ever tour level QF to even entertain the thought.

I cant see her winning a match in Sydney, but that is fair enough considering how tough the field is. She has had a good solid 2 years of international experience against top players (i dont really count her challenger days before 2001) so she is more than capable of giving them a good match. I hope she brings her A game, but her 63 62 loss to Kurhajcova and your own bleak assessment of her Dalby run, dont bode to well :( Here's hoping...

If she gets a good draw in Melbourne I can definately see her getting to the 3rd round again. Hopefully higher but I doubt it...anyway, Id love to see it happen. She just needs a good win to bring that confidence back!

Have no idea who her coach is, but she is no longer working with Chris Kachel who she was with the first half of 2002...she definately needs a one to one coach though.

Good luck to Evie!!! If she gets a few wins under her belt by the time the summer circuot is over, then she can breathe easier for a few months....if not, Im not looking forward to the rest of the year.