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Dec 30th, 2002, 04:30 PM
I still have a number of articles re Kim which weren't posted here yet imo.

Due to a lack of time I haven't been able to do translations... but I will post them ASAP.

There is one article about Kim (taking half a page) in the biggest Flemish newspaper today, along with a huge pic.

I'll scan that pic tonight and post my translation of today's article(be warned; the article is a rather sarcastic one re Kim's dad. Several like this have been written in the Flemish press lately, btw. )

So please check CCL in a few hours! ;)

Dec 30th, 2002, 09:06 PM
I read the article this morning in the newspaper...

It's a bit sarcastic, but I hope Lei will learn something from the article...

Dec 30th, 2002, 11:06 PM
as promised, here's the quite sarcastic article I was mentioning earlier today.

Source: Het Laatste Nieuws, Dec. 30, 2002.

Kim Clijsters with a clean slate

By Jan Segers, translation by Ingrid

092-4236582-95. That’s the account number where you can make your contribution in favour of the “Rescue Kim” action.
Just like the example of KV Mechelen [own note: =Belgian premier division football club facing bankrupcy, ex-club of Lei Clijsters btw] we are looking for 2500 tennis fans who are willing to spend € 1000 to prolongue the defaulted career of Kim Clijsters for another year. For it’s a misunderstanding that you become rich of tennis.

The naked truth is: the more you win and the higher you climb in the rankings, the more a financial loss it becomes. For each euro that comes in, two go out. Taxes, hotel rooms, plane tickets, coaches, physio, ... with unified forces they have hit a deep hole in the balance sheets of the Kim Clijsters Company.

We therefore count on your sympathy and compassion to fill up that hole. Pay now and make sure that Kim can start 2003 with a clean slate. [own note: the translation loses the pun of the writer here, because the Dutch word for slate is lei, thus giving it a double meaning in this text]

Don’t work yourself into a lather now, Lei. I deliberately make this a caricature, only to make it clear to you that Belgium really knows by now how much a hotel room in Sydney costs, and how much a ticket to LA.
The reality, and you may be proud of that - no, you have to be-, is that your daughter, even after the plundering by the taxes and after the deduction of all costs, is the best earning woman ever in Belgian sports history.
I have no idea what Enzo Scifo or Marc Wilmots [own note: two Belgian pro football players] have saved in the glory days of their careers, but I suspect that Kim is at number two of “all time” re annual income.
At one is Thierry Boutsen, who won the jackpot year after year in his prime at Williams and at the end at Ligier. Net.
Because the difference is: Boutsen lived in Monaco then, Avenue Princesse Grace, Residence Le Roccabella, 8th floor, sea view, Boris Becker as neighbour, and one of the Nannini’s at a lower floor. Sandro, if I recall well, but it might have been his rocking sis Gianna too. Le grand chic, quoi.

I did understand that your daughter keeps it more modest, Lei. She stays with the Hewitts in Adelaide in December. She and Lleyton then stay in an annex of the parental house. Bedroom, bathroom, sitting corner, kitchen: standard flat format, perfect for a young couple without extravagant needs. Watching TV together, together to the movies, together out for dinner at the Italian at the corner of the street; it hasn’t to be more than that, she says. Romance doesn’t need a figure with 6 nils for her.

Exactly that makes your daughter so beloved, Lei: her simplicity and her unconcernedness, both present in the same extent as two, three years ago, in spite of that higher ranking, higher expectations and a warmer bank account.

I sometimes hear people openly asking why for god’s sake it is possible: such a dream of a daughter and such a peevish dad.
Well, I fear that this is your role, Lei: she the Beauty, you the Beast. And that this is your share: misunderstanding everywhere.
You take care of her interests, but what readers and TV watchers only remember, is your grousing about all possible “profiteers” and your ongoing twaddle about “a lack of respect”.
You keep the pressure away from her, but what readers and TV watchers only remember, is your inflexibility, your continuously stubborn “no”: no, she isn’t avaliable; no, she doesn’t give interviews; no, also not for your school paper, ma’m; no, also no attendance act, sir; No, I say, even not at your benefit-performance, sir.

In short, they don’t understand that the one can’t be without the other: the darling without the grumbler, the daughter without her father.

Nevertheless, Lei: showing happiness in public isn’t a criminal offense –really-, even unhidden pride about the sportive and financial achievements of your daughter isn’t.

That Kim has inherited your fighting spirit, that we all know by now. That she has inherited your body shape, too. Whether she has received her beautiful smile from you too, we have to guess at.

Dec 30th, 2002, 11:24 PM
I have no more time right now, will do the scan hopefully tomorrow.

Dec 31st, 2002, 02:06 PM
Thanks for the article! :) :)

Dec 31st, 2002, 02:48 PM
Thanks Ingrid!!:kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: