View Full Version : Best Taped Matches of the Year?

Dec 20th, 2002, 09:30 PM
I just finished watching the State Farm Classic, Scottsdale, AZ tourney. The Serena/Martina & Serena/Jennifer matches.

Martina won the second set in her match against Serena. Martina hung in there the second set - and she was trying w/all her might to combat Serena's power. Jennifer won the second in her match against Serena. Jennifer had the momentum there for a while but couldn't capitalize. Serena won the tourney. Her first of the year.

Serena was ranked number 9 at the time. This was Serena's first tourney back since her injury in January. This was Martina's first tourney back since she lost in the OZ final - and this may have been Jen's first tourney since she won the OZ. Not sure about that.

Of course - what was amazing was the way Pam & Mary Jo were speculating about how well Serena would perform the rest of the year. Classic! She rose from number 9 to number 1 in less than 5 months. Wow!

I watched some matches from the 2002 Miami tourney ova the weekend. Serena took absolutely no prisoners during that tourney. She was on the MTV diary talking about that one. When she won it - most fans were like - look out mama!

I can't believe there are some matches that I have never watched twice from this year. It is almost like - why tape them if one doesn't plan on ever watching them again. Where is the time?

The Momo/Serena & Serena/Chanda & the Venus/Justine matches at Wimby - I need to watch again - because I haven't since. I guess I'll watch those this weekend.

Dec 20th, 2002, 10:07 PM
Mauresmo/Serena Wimbledon is great. I don't think I've ever seen Serena play such a good match start to finish before. Just dominating, IMO>