View Full Version : What is the Best Way To Meet Pro Tennis Players at and or Near a Tournament?

Dec 20th, 2002, 02:51 PM
I'm going to a few early 2003 and I need some tips. Stalkers are welcome to post too.

Dec 20th, 2002, 03:11 PM
Just walk around a lot. I've notied European players (or non americans!) are way more approachable.

I've walked right past so many players, you'll be surprised!

Dec 20th, 2002, 03:14 PM
yep go and approach them from the front ;)
not from behind :o :eek:

its best to goto some challeger events and low tier tourns, you'll be suprised how friendly most are ;)

Dec 20th, 2002, 03:33 PM
Hang out near or in the pubs and bars. You'd be surprised how many turn up in the middle of the day after their midday training sessions. :eek:

Or sit in the hotel lobbies and read a good book. You never know your luck. A player might just come along and sit right next to you.

Watch them on the practice courts. Pay keen attention. After they're done, compliment them on a stroke they appeared to be hitting well. Sucking up to them helps if you want to get into their good books. Then you can start up a conversation. Even if you can't tempt them with a free dinner for that night, you'll have spoken to them at least.

Visit some of the tourist attractions in the city of the tournament being played. Some players like to go sightseeing during their days off, or if they lose early. It's rare that they'll train all day every day. Sometimes they'll take one leisurely afternoon or morning off from training.

If you see any of their entourage, approach them too. Chances are, they're more likely to have a chat with you because they're not the ones who have to train or compete so they're not in a hurry to get anywhere. Who knows? If you make a good impression with them, they might just introduce you.

Some DON'Ts: Never approach a player after they've lost a match. They're usually in a grumpy mood and will most likely want to hit the nearest thing that gets in their way.

Never stare at them for longer than 2 seconds. They might think you're a stalker, or they might feel uncomfortable. That's not the aim if you want to meet them.

Never try to meet players in awkward situations such as in a restaurant (they might be very hungry and ready to snarl at you over the last dessert cup), in a restroom (they might be busting or feeling ill and you don't want to be the obstacle in the way of keeping their underwear clean) or when they're trying to receive medical help (they might be in pain and more likely to snap at you).

That's all I can think of right now. Oh yeah, one last thing. If you act like you're not quite all there in the head, but appear friendly enough, they'll become sympathetic to you and treat you like a best friend. Ensure that you have someone with you who can pretend to be your minder or caregiver. If you're in a wheelchair, that's a bonus point. Able-bodied athletes can usually appreciate those less able-bodied than themselves and are more likely to give you their time in that situation.

Caution: Only use that last suggestion if you're desperate and only as a last resort. Not recommended if you're not a good actor or have a conscience about lying. ;)

Dec 20th, 2002, 03:34 PM
Set up a stand at a tournament with the sign "Stolen Williams mojo for sale" and you'll have the entire tour on line waiting to meet you.

Dec 20th, 2002, 03:49 PM

daniela's necklace
Dec 20th, 2002, 04:03 PM
how about meeting them at training sessions?

and how likely are they to agree that you buy them dinner?

auntie janie
Dec 20th, 2002, 04:44 PM
That's all I can think of right now. Oh yeah, one last thing. If you act like you're not quite all there in the head, but appear friendly enough, they'll become sympathetic to you and treat you like a best friend. Ensure that you have someone with you who can pretend to be your minder or caregiver. If you're in a wheelchair, that's a bonus point.

ROFL!!!!! Great stuff, thanks for the laughs. :D:D:D

Dec 20th, 2002, 06:12 PM
if they win smile and say "well done".

If the player isn't a bitch ie anyone not in the top 50 :p they will smile back and say thanks or something similar.

I agree with Eggy, get yourself along to low tiers and challenger events. The girls will be delighted to have some1 actually watching them.

To show who you are supporting only clap for them, usually 3 claps will do it. If you do this all through their match (this happened to me) if the player sees you around they may well come and say thanks etc...

Ask for their autograph! A few players who ahve done this were delighted to sign and take photos. Most of them will ask "r u serious?", "do u know who i am?" etc..... they'll be oevr teh moon some1 likes them.

Donttry to approach them from "behind" as others said, dont interrupt conversations or when they are eating or on the phone.

If you walk past them just smile and say hi. The chances are if they see you again they'll smile and say hi back.

The girls are stuck-up bitches like many people think. It's just a shame that the minority give them a bad name. And its the minority that are always on TV.

daniela's necklace
Dec 20th, 2002, 06:41 PM
no seriously I wanna ask daniela for a date http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/otn/love/luxlove.gif

Dec 20th, 2002, 06:53 PM
Try to go to a buger king which is near, sometimes it works.

Dec 20th, 2002, 07:26 PM
i dont think venus and sernea will be at burger king.

thanks for the tips. the lobby sound good but if my firends see me they will think im stalking somebody

Dec 20th, 2002, 08:02 PM
Sleep with them

Dec 20th, 2002, 08:45 PM
i was never a tennisplayer, but very tensed before a competition. Once i gave a man a puch right in the face, I think he asked something about a car, and I was desperat for being alone and consentrate:fiery: .
My hand hurt like hell afterwards:mad:

So one advice, avoid difficult questions befor a match:)

daniela's necklace
Dec 20th, 2002, 10:04 PM
actually I think the best thing to do would be to talk to them when they're done training, they should be more relaxed

and maybe it's best not to take them out to eat, they might get sick at the restaurant and not play and blame it on you hehehehhe

what about meeting them while they're on vacation?

is daniela going to the US soon, or florida for that matter? cos next year I'm gunna be there for about 3-4 months

Dec 21st, 2002, 01:23 AM
to see many players since most of the non americans are not well known here in america, so many people don't know then and they just walk around just like any other people. I how i got many pictures taken with many tennis players. Can't wait for this tournament.

Dec 21st, 2002, 01:33 AM
Ive got one tip!!

you can go to the doubles match bc it is less crowded and on a side court@!!

Dec 21st, 2002, 01:34 AM
It really depends what tournie you're going to. I f the tournament site Is near a mall or shopping center hang out at the mall for that week.

Go to the airport to hang out a few hours 2-3 days before the tournament starts. I know that you will at least see someone.

Go to quallies jsut a few experiences fro going to qualies from me.

Francesca Lubiani said Excusme and said she liked my sweater.
I think Jana Kanarr was strtching while I ws getting a bottle of water.

Try to be a tounament volunteer you get to be behind the scenes and stuff.

After a player plays doubles they don't seem t be very mad after losses in doubles.

Dec 21st, 2002, 02:04 AM
Originally posted by Volcana
Sleep with them

im not sure about this one. but that sounds like fun!!:eek:

Dec 21st, 2002, 02:06 AM
hey, the airport sounds like agreat idea!!! even if this may be stalking :wavey:

Dec 21st, 2002, 05:23 AM
Anton, that depends on the courts configuration, the players, the moment etc.

I've only been to the Canadian Open in Toronto and Montreal.

In Montreal the easiest way is look around for players practicing, especially during qualifying. When the players finish the practice they usually sign autographs and you can get really close to them if you wait near the exit, if you are lucky they might talk to you (I talked to Barbara Schett a little).

Some players hang around the courts, I saw Anne Kremer streching and it was really easy to get close to her. In Toronto last year, I saw Amelie walking around talking on her cellphone like any fan (I think most people didn't realize she was there).

Some times they watch their friends play. If you watched Myskina playing qualifying in Toronto in 2001 she would see Elena Dementieva and Lina K watching the match.

However, Toronto is more difficult than Montreal because the complex is smaller and players don't practice to much there (there are private courts and a few other courts outside the complex and then you have to go out and it's a pain.

In other tournaments it might not be that easy, I know it's difficult in Antwerp and Filderstadt. I'll tell you about Paris (Open Gaz) in February :D

Dec 21st, 2002, 05:28 AM
If you are in the US, go to World Team Tennis. It's great because all of the players are really relaxed and having a lot of fun. They are really friendly and will sign tons of autographs and get pictures with you. There are a lot of lower ranked players, but there are also some big names like Roddick, Agassi, Davenport, and that's where I met Morariu and Philippoussis.

Mary Kate

Dec 21st, 2002, 05:30 AM
Oh. by the way..I actually had conversations with both Corina and Mark several times.

Mary Kate

Dec 21st, 2002, 08:09 AM
Players at challengers seem very friendly and approachable. I struck up conversations with quite a few last month. The best ice-breaker is to wish them luck for their next match. It helps if you know the draw, coz then you can say "Hope you do well against so-and-so" That was they will take you seriously since they realise that you are keeping up with the scores and not just trying to hit on someone pretty.

Often you don't even need to approach them. I had several players sit besides me and just in front of me in the stands. However many talk openly and freely to each other and you often hear things that you sometimes don't want to ;)

Dec 21st, 2002, 08:25 AM
Another good way to meet players/get autographs is if the tournament has an autograph session for the players, that way while they are signing something for you you can ask them a question or something like that.

Dec 21st, 2002, 01:31 PM

Dec 21st, 2002, 01:54 PM
anton, I noticed you have a link to a JMG website in your signature. Are you a fan of his? If so, you're in luck. JMG will stop to sign an autograph for any fan who requests one. All you really have to do is track him down or wait until he's done practicing. Or go where the biggest group of teenage girls are screaming the loudest. ;)

Have fun meeting the players if you get a chance to.

Dec 21st, 2002, 01:58 PM
I have JMG's autograph already. he is very nice. i talked to him and sat next to his dad and hitting partner during his match.

but my goal is to get my pic made with anna kournikova!

Dec 21st, 2002, 02:06 PM
Ooh, you might have a tougher time with Anna. She's so elusive. Many have tried. As far as I know, a lot of fans have been unlucky, but keep trying because there's bound to be an exception to the rule somewhere along the road and it could well be you. You never know. :)

Dec 21st, 2002, 02:10 PM
i think im going to go to the airport and hang out a few days before the event starts and also try the lobby of the nicest hotel in town

Dec 21st, 2002, 04:25 PM
Try to go to the tournaments official hotel. Usually it's not the nicest.
The best way to spot players at the airport is to go to the baggage claim section because they will be picking up their raquet bags.

Dec 21st, 2002, 05:36 PM
omg i would NOT do that Anton.

They may geta bit freaked out if u ahng around hotel all day.

What events r u going to? If its a low tier 3/4/5 or a challenger event u can see them all at event itself, they'll be wandering about.

Dec 21st, 2002, 07:07 PM
ok, no hotel! different ones. for sure memphis bc its small and i went there before and players walk right by you and its male and female!!

Dec 21st, 2002, 07:17 PM
Not that I'm an expert, because I only went to one event last year, but I was there early most days and saw a lot of the players just walking around.

I went to the women's championship in Los Angeles, and everyday I was there I saw one of the big names just wandering. I actually walked through security on the other side on Monica Seles, and Davenport was wandering around the very empty stands after her match with Monica.

Also saw Jenn running the stairs of the stadium, but I was busy with a drink in hand and some friends at the Fox Sky Bar. Plus as much as I would love to have a conversation with Capriati...I didn't want to bug her.

Just my 2 cents.

Dec 22nd, 2002, 06:18 AM
ok thanks.