View Full Version : It won't stop

Dec 18th, 2002, 10:28 PM
These porn advertisments CONTINUE to pop up on my computer. day-in day-out. I deleted cookies internet files....yet they still come up. I came to wta world.......browsed for about 5 min.....and then 2 porn windows come up!
AND .....trust me when i say i do not look at porn.
They seem to have hooked themselves onto my computer!

What is going on? why don't they go away? can anyone help!?

Big Fat Pink Elephant
Dec 18th, 2002, 10:50 PM
if you have kazaa.. you should use kazaa lite instead ;)

or you can download all those adsgone stuff :D i ahve, and it's working perfect :D

Dec 18th, 2002, 10:53 PM
YES! I do have Kazza. I will delete Kazaa and egt the lite version and see how taht goes.

I had no idea..... how can a music downloading program cause porn to come up on my computer!?
Anyway..... i iwll make the changes and see how that goes. :)

Big Fat Pink Elephant
Dec 18th, 2002, 10:56 PM
coz Kazaa has spyware and adware.. and shit like that... while kazaa lite is free of that ;)

good luck!

Big Fat Pink Elephant
Dec 18th, 2002, 10:59 PM
my brother installed this fancy adsgone thingy, and i don't get any pop ups anymore :D i wish i could tell you where to get it... lol i have no idea.. download it from kazaa lite or something

Dec 18th, 2002, 11:03 PM
I had a similar problem i started getting porn e-mails from somewhere i had to change my AOL screename!

nasty nick#2
Dec 18th, 2002, 11:04 PM
I got popups too, but no porn.

Dec 18th, 2002, 11:15 PM
Well. now i just deleted Kazaa all together. i just found it had installed Datemaker, Savenow, and two other priograms onto my computer!
Forget it! i just got Winmx. - I cant beleive i was getting bombarded with adds from Kazaa all this time! :(

Big Fat Pink Elephant
Dec 18th, 2002, 11:19 PM
you should read agreements before you install things ;)

winmx is good - very safe! :) but you should still install adsgone and adaware.

Dec 18th, 2002, 11:33 PM
Yes. you are right. Forget Kazaa.
Winmx is what i will stick to. I will take a look at those anti-pop-up programs. but for now. in the last 10 min since deleted kazaa and all that other junk...... i have not had any ads. :)