View Full Version : Rants About Organized Religon

Dec 17th, 2002, 05:52 PM
" First let me say that I was raied in the Presbyterian Church and I am what many would consider to be a Christian. At least in the sense that I believe in the Bible, God and Jesus. My faith, to that extent, is unshakable. There are reasons for that, but it is entirely another story than what I am expressing here.

I do have problems with organized religon, however, and the recent problems in Boston only serve to further my point and my frustration where organized religon is concerned.

Groffin tells me that Cardinal Law(?) was a champion for the poor and the homeless in Boston. She relates that the Cardinal has done a lot of gret things. I believe her. I also believe that this problem with the "Pedophile Priests" is not entirely of his doing. Knowing the way the Cathiloc Church does things, the Cardinal likely had no other choice but to simply move these priests around.. I don't think he had the authority to dismiss them outright, which is what should have happened.

I know that there is a shortage of qualified priests, but this is ridiculous! Having these guys around totally destroys any credibilty that the church has! Anywhere else, anyone else, would have been fired and prosecuted!!! And rightfully so! I expect more from my religious leaders! If they are going to get up and teach/preach about a moral, Christian way of life.....If they are to lead us, they need to serve as an example of how to do it!

Not that my only problem is with the Cathiloc Church! The Jim Bakers/Jimmy Swaggarts/Jerry Falwells of the world make me sick as well! It gives anyone who professes a belief in God a bad name!