View Full Version : did anyone seethe Hallmark Skater's Challenge yesterday?

Dec 15th, 2002, 09:08 PM
It was by far the best competition shown that day. Yuka SAto won 1st place, Irina Slutskaya who skaed the best program of hers I 've seen this season won second. Sarah Hughes won third and still looks verypre olympic still. Maria Butyrskaya won fourth. When she was interviewed she backed up away fromt eh reporter and she was crying because she said she was tired because she had come from Russia the day before. Poor Maria.
Does anyone know the value of these events are they ISU sanctioned. I ask becasue there are also professionals competing in them.

Michale Weiss skated a Hideous performance but gto secong he was doing headstands and rolling on the ice. It was sooooo stupid. Speakig of him does anyone else think he's gay even though he's married and has a child? they saqid also Todd Elderedge had a dispute with USFSA and is turning professional. Being a professional skater seems so .....

If you saw these or any of the competitions this week please tell meand your opinion.

U.S. Nationals should be intersting there are 8 skaters that if they're on can do damage and all of the are capable

Amber Corwin
Jenny Kirk
Sasha Cohen
Michelle Kwan
Sarah Hughes
Anne Patrice McDonough
Naomi Nari-Nam
Angela Nikodinov
All of these could do really well. I don't anticipate a big breakthrough with these strong competitiors.