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Dec 6th, 2012, 12:36 PM
I was having problems with Chrome on my five year-old computer so I changed to Opera (I still use Chrome in the laptop I bought this year) and I have to say that I love it. It's simple, elegant, and smart :) How about you?

Super Dave
Dec 6th, 2012, 12:44 PM
Firefox; I have no problems with it so why change? The old dog in me took forever to finally ditch IE a few years ago :rolleyes:

Dec 6th, 2012, 01:10 PM
Firefox; I have no problems with it so why change? The old dog in me took forever to finally ditch IE a few years ago :rolleyes:

Yeah I changed to Chrome something like 3-4 years ago, I didn't think that the difference between IE and Chrome was gonna be so big :lol:

Dec 6th, 2012, 01:12 PM
I voted on 'Other' because I use many browsers on multiple OSes, plus on Mobile devices too. Mostly Firefox, Chrome and Safari. I don't use IE for anything (I've banned it in some places) except for OS Updates. Opera is fun. I badly miss Netscape Navigator (big fan since my US days).

Dec 6th, 2012, 01:42 PM

King Halep
Dec 6th, 2012, 01:49 PM
tried chrome a few weeks ago but it looks so dull and it does not have the addons that i use in firefox. is it really any better than firefox

Princess Fiona
Dec 6th, 2012, 02:05 PM
Firefox mostly. Firefox for leisure and Chrome for business (or something like that ;) )

Just Do It
Dec 6th, 2012, 02:17 PM
Opera. Am I the only one experiencing problems with firefox? I often can't click on some image/button while using firefox, they I scroll down and again up and then it works fine? :lol:

Dec 6th, 2012, 02:42 PM
Firefox. I am just so used to it. I also use Safari.

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Dec 6th, 2012, 03:44 PM

i can't use chrome, because my OS is too old :lol: but i'll get a new computer next month, so everything will be shiny and awesome :woohoo:

Dec 6th, 2012, 03:44 PM
i love Chrome :hearts:

Dec 6th, 2012, 03:46 PM
Google Chromo. The best and the fastest one for me :D

Dec 6th, 2012, 04:20 PM
Firefox. Safe. Easy.
Chrome isn't compatible for downloading files from my university. :shrug:

Pvt. Kovalenko
Dec 6th, 2012, 04:55 PM
Google Chrome :hearts:

I resisted to abandon IE, until it started to have compatibility issues with some website..

Tried Chrome and was love at first navigation..

Dec 6th, 2012, 04:57 PM
I used to use Firefox, then Firefox and Safari and lately I've been using just Chrome.
I'm not sure which one of Firefox and Chrome I prefer.

Dec 6th, 2012, 04:58 PM
Firefox..like their add ons

Dec 6th, 2012, 05:22 PM

I used to use Chrome and it was good until it just got really slow for some reason. So i switched to Firefox and it works fine

In The Zone
Dec 6th, 2012, 05:31 PM
Lol @ IE with 0.

Dec 6th, 2012, 05:51 PM
Google on my computer & Safari on my iPad :)

Dec 6th, 2012, 05:53 PM
Firefox :inlove:

Dec 6th, 2012, 06:27 PM
Chrome & Safari

You should enable multiple choices in the poll.

Dec 6th, 2012, 06:40 PM
^ I don't think I can do that now

Dec 6th, 2012, 07:01 PM
Been using Chrome the last few years and still am.

IE10 isn't that bad though, would give it more of a try but I'm using Vista on my laptop at the moment and can't be bothered to change back to Windows 7 or 8.

Dec 6th, 2012, 07:35 PM
Chrome at home and IE at work.

Flavia P.
Dec 6th, 2012, 07:39 PM
Chrome. Faster for my computer than other browsers.

Dec 6th, 2012, 07:49 PM
Mozilla firefox and Opera: at the same time.

The second for facebook; the first for everything else. :o

Dec 6th, 2012, 07:52 PM
I used to use Chrome, but since I have my MacBook it's Safari.

Dec 6th, 2012, 08:18 PM
Firefox 5eva.

Dec 6th, 2012, 08:44 PM
GAH! Someone voted IE!!

Dec 6th, 2012, 09:55 PM
GAH! Someone voted IE!!
If it's IE10 then it's not that disastrous or if they don't own a computer and use Windows Phone to post here. :lol:

Anything else and :help: :tape:.

Dec 6th, 2012, 10:27 PM
Firefox on my computer and Chrome on my laptop :cheer:

Dec 6th, 2012, 10:40 PM
Firefox..like their add ons


Dec 6th, 2012, 10:52 PM
GAH! Someone voted IE!!

Should've made the poll public. :oh:

Dec 6th, 2012, 11:09 PM
Chrome on laptop and Opera on phone.

Lin Lin
Dec 6th, 2012, 11:39 PM

Dec 7th, 2012, 12:44 AM
I use Chrome on my computer and laptop. Dolphin on my phone.

Dec 7th, 2012, 04:18 AM
Chrome FTW

Martian Jeza
Dec 7th, 2012, 05:58 AM
Safari on my MacBook Pro and Firefox on my desktop PC

The Witch-king
Dec 7th, 2012, 06:00 AM
So are we going to do this every month?

Dec 7th, 2012, 06:14 AM

Dec 7th, 2012, 06:53 AM

Dec 7th, 2012, 07:22 AM
Google Chrome.

Dec 7th, 2012, 09:02 AM
Firefox on desktop, IE on laptop.

Dec 7th, 2012, 10:14 AM
Safari because apple makes it very hard to use Mozilla.