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Nov 19th, 2012, 09:29 PM
Someone suggested doing a strengths and weaknesses thread of players ranked #11-20 so here it is. :)

#11 Marion Bartoli
- One of the few players who can beat anyone when on a roll. Can whip herself into a frenzy and has the game to back it up when on song.
- Double-handed strokes aren't easy to read and can really shoot through the court.
- Aggressive returner who is willing to take it early and really step into the court and can unnerve opponents.

- Unathletic for a modern day tennis player and moves poorly. Being double-handed highlights this even more as it reduces her reach.
- Can be too aggressive on her second serve, which means she can make a huge amount of double faults.
- Zero feel or finesse in her game means she's in trouble against any player who can get her off the baseline (her results against Radwanska highlight this)

#12 Nadia Petrova
- Excellent serve that is one of the best on the WTA when working.
- Backhand is a solid and compact shot which she can hit plenty of winners off and rarely breaks down.
- Good court sense and is an excellent volleyer.

- Fragile mentally which means she can throw away matches by beating herself.
- Doesn't move or defend particularly well so is in trouble if she's made to be on the run.
- Forehand can break down.

#13 Ana Ivanovic
- Forehand is still on the most dangerous shots in tennis when working, particularly when she hits it inside-out.
- First serve can win cheap points.
- At her best when she's aggressive and looking to finish points early.

- Another player who is fragile mentally and can get herself into a complete state when things aren't working.
- Backhand groundshot consistently lands before the centre of the box and can be attacked by any decent ballstriker.
- Erratic ball toss means her serve is always unreliable.

#14 Maria Kirilenko
- Good all court player who is one of the better volleyers in the game.
- Can mix it up and try and change her game if plan A isn't working.
- Excellent competitor.

- Lacks a real killer shot and needs pace to work with.
- Long swings means she's in trouble if her game isn't working on fast, low bouncing surfaces.
- She might compete well but it doesn't prevent her from getting tight in the biggest moments.

#15 Dominika Cibulkova
- Feisty competitor who like Bartoli can whip herself into a frenzy and be dangerous when on form.
- Forehand can hit a lot of winners due to good timing.
- Makes the most of her height and has good footwork and movement.

- She's sacrificed consistency to be an ultra-aggressive ball-striker, but it means when her game is off that she drowns in unforced errors and hits herself off court.
- Doesn't have a plan B if plan A isn't working.
- Lack of height means she's in trouble against players who use heavy topspin or are big servers.

#16 Roberta Vinci
- One of the very few old school players left and has great touch, particularly on her volleys.
- Also one of the very few players who can hit a backhand slice aggressively and can give players fits as they aren't used to dealing with it.
- Forehand can hit winners.

- Doesn't really have a backhand groundshot which means she's in big trouble if her slice isn't working.
- Not particularly athletic and doesn't move that well.
- Game on a whole is inconsistent and erratic.

#17 Lucie Safarova
- Excellent forehand which she can hit a lot of winners off. Particularly good at hitting the ball down onto court.
- First serve is effective and will win cheap points off it.
- Overall power can see her through matches against weaker opposition.

- Extremely inconsistent and can lose to anyone when off.
- Doesn't move or anticipate well.
- Not particularly good at dealing with slices and loopy balls on her backhand.

#18 Julia Goerges
- Forehand is one of the biggest in tennis when on form.
- Can hit a lot of service winners if her serve is working.
- Not afraid to mix it up.

- Another player who can drown in errors and lose to anyone when off.
- Huge swings means her timing needs to be spot on, or else she loses all control on her shots.
- Has a tendency to just roll, rather than hit through her backhand, and doesn't defend well enough to protect it.

#19 Kaia Kanepi
- Excellent first serve.
- Able to generate a lot of pace and heaviness on her shots, which allow her to be aggressive without being reckless.
- Capable of hitting through players.

- Can get extremely tight in the big moments.
- Groundshots are not the most solid technically and will make errors if not working.
- Unathletic and not the best mover.

#20 Ekaterina Makarova
- Gets nice punch on her groundstrokes.
- One of those players who has the ability to get onto a roll and be very difficult to beat.
- Decent first serve.

- Brittle mentally.
- Not the best of movers.
- Isn't particularly solid despite not having an the most explosive of ground-game.

Nov 19th, 2012, 09:41 PM
Wow. You should just do this for the whole Top 100 :oh:
It seems like you have plenty of time :lol:

Nov 19th, 2012, 09:44 PM
Wow. You should just do this for the whole Top 100 :oh:
It seems like you have plenty of time :lol:

God no, that's it from me doing players strengths and weaknesses and there's too many players I haven't seen play in the Top 100.

Nov 19th, 2012, 10:08 PM
Do Oudin :)

lenas warriors
Nov 19th, 2012, 10:18 PM
I did suggest that someone should do this too (in the 1-10 post) so thanks.
11. Bartoli
+ Fighting spirit and ability to raise her game when it matters
+ Serve can be great
+ Groundstrokes can be awesoe
- Net is awful!
- Fitness has improved but still below par
- Movement (improved with better fitness). Especially bad coming forward

12. Petrova
+ Serve
+ Backhand
+ Netplay
- Movement could be better
- Is too hard on herself (with negative dividends)
- Forehand can be ropey

13. Ivanovic
+ Forehand
+ Serve despite the toss
+ Has reasonably good touch
- Headcase
- Prone to double faults (though a lot less than before)
- Backhand

14. Kirilenko
+ Netplay
+ Serve is much improved
+ Fight
+ Good tactician
- Still slightly powderpuff, tho has improved.
- Bad taste in boyfriends

15. Cibulkova
+ Hard hitting
+ Movement
+ Fight can be good (when playing big players :rolleyes:)
- Can show lack of fight or belief
- Tendency to be brainless balbasher
- Can easily lose to much lower ranked players

16. Vinci
+ Netplay
+ Forehand
+ Great tactician
- Backhand sits up for people to run in and put away
- Can be outhit
- If off can be beated by many

17. Safarova
+ Serves
+ Groundstrokes
- Returns
- Mentally poor

18. Gorges
+ Serve
+ Forehand
+ Backhand getting better
- Consistency
- Overplaying

19. Kanepi
+ Serve
+ Groundstrokes
+ Think shes one of the best clay courters out there and a good RG run wouldnt shock me
- Returns?
- Cant quite put away very good defensive players
- Mentally dodge

20. Makarova
+ Groundstrokes
+ Counterpunching
+ Grass?
- Movement
- Can be mentally poor

Nov 20th, 2012, 02:28 AM
God no, that's it from me doing players strengths and weaknesses and there's too many players I haven't seen play in the Top 100.

How about Top 50 :lol: or Top 30 :oh:

Nov 20th, 2012, 04:06 AM
I notice alot of the 11-20 players have great forehands but not a strong backhand. why is that so common?

Nov 20th, 2012, 05:46 AM
Can we just put headcase down for all of them?

Nov 20th, 2012, 11:17 AM
Can we just put headcase down for all of them?

This. :worship: